Prompt 10/3 Theodore’s Job

In the movie “Her” the main character, Theodore, has a very interesting job at a company that is called “Beautifully Handwritten Letters”. Just like the company name indicates, Theodore writes letters as if he was someone else writing them to a loved one. It is interesting that he has this job in the movie because he is writing these letters that allow the sender to, in a sense, not have to write down his or her true feelings for the recipient. However, pretty much throughout the whole movie, Theodore is trying to convince himself and others that his romantic relationship with his personal operating system, Samantha, is a real relationship that involves real feelings on not just his side of the relationship, but also on the computer’s side of the relationship. That aspect aside, the nature of the company is also interesting. It is difficult looking at the futuristic characteristics of this movie and trying to decide if receiving and sending letters like this would still be acceptable in a future sense. I believe that in today’s day and age, something like this would be frowned upon and receive lots of criticism. People could feel almost betrayed by loved one who might send this to them in this day and age, but would somebody in Theodore’s time feel the same way. In the movie there isn’t any negative comments made towards the company, so it could be deduced that this sort of company was not offensive or looked down upon. I think that this helped in the overall plot of the movie because we are able to see the culture in which Theodore lives in. I think that this also helped the audience know and accept the relationship that Theodore develops with Samantha. In a scene in the movie Theodore is talking to Amy and we find out that Theodore is not the only one who has developed a romantic relationship with his OS. Also, pretty much everyone who Theodore tells that he is dating an OS quickly accepts that fact and doesn’t seem to judge him in any way, except for one person. When he meets up with his ex-wife to finalize divorce papers and tells her about his relationship, she clearly shows her disapproval of the relationship. I believe this was scripted the way it was so that we disliked his ex-wife and liked Samantha even more. I believe that the film did a good job of making the company seem socially acceptable and I also believe that if the film makers needed to do this to help in the development in the plot. What I mean by this is that, I believe that if they had not made this clearly acceptable it would have made the already hard task of making Theodore and Samantha’s relationship socially acceptable, harder to prove to the audience. That is why I believe that Theodore had the job that he did.

Her. Dir. Spike Jonze. Perf. Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Scarlett Johansson. 2013. DVD.


One thought on “Prompt 10/3 Theodore’s Job

  1. I liked how you were able to really elaborate on your thoughts and opinions about the movie. You made many interesting points that added a lot of content into this post. However, some of the sentences were a bit wordy and I had some troubles following your transitions. Maybe next time you could experiment incorporating different transitions into your writing! Keep up the good work!


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