“Her” Prompt #4

Why does Theodore have the job that he does? Well the blatant and obvious answer to this question is because the writer of this movie wrote it that way, but why did the author to this movie want Theodore to be a magnificent writer of love letters, when he could barely communicate his feelings to other people. It’s kind of ironic in a sense, how he is so good at writing letters for other couples, but can’t maintain a relationship with the people he loves. It also displays a contrast between how a person reacts/behaves to how someone is feeling on the inside. It demonstrates the amount of psychological pain that a person can go through without expressing it to other people. For instance, Theodore’s coworkers had no idea about the emotion struggles that Theodore was experiencing, they only read the beautiful letters that he wrote. This reminds me a lot about Robin Williams, a comedian who struggled with depression. I believe that the audience was suppose to be upset about the Beautiful Handwritten Letters company. There was an infinite amount of jobs that the writer could have chosen for Theodore, but he chose a job that fits the complete opposite persona of how Theodore acts in his off time. It was frustrating to see him display such marvelous talent in conveying romance to other people he had never met, but be completely unable to tell his blind date that he would call her the next day. I mean all he had to do was lie to her about calling and he would have been in the clear for a good night. Instead, through his lack of self-confidence and social interaction, he was unable to tell her. As I watched the film, different scenes stirred the same emotion for me. For instance, it was obvious that Amy and Theodore had a connection, but Theodore could never see this until he lost Samantha. So it seemed to me that the writer was trying to upset his audience. Some comments on this movie, since there are some major flaws in “Her” and it is very frustrating to watch this movie and not think about these things. Most importantly, the biggest and hottest objects in technology right now and probably back when this movie was being written is smart glasses and watches. Neither of which were in this movie. This was suppose to be set in a futuristic time (near future), yet they didn’t have the technology to put a camera on their glasses? They can create a mole camera but not smart glasses? This seems kind of hard to imagine. Also the fact that no one found it strange that people would just talk to their OS randomly, alone on the streets, but it was ridiculous to date one or have intimate relationships with them. If it had come to be that people were completely unmoved by millions of people talking constantly and privately with their OS, it seems that they wouldn’t be too surprised to find out that people where getting intimate with them. It also seemed that more than 3% of the people would have relationships with their OS, I would think that that number would be much higher. Anyways this blog isn’t suppose to be a critique of the movie, I just wanted to get those points off my chest because they were so frustrating throughout the movie. So I’ll end this blog with a comment on a very interesting scene in the movie, which was probably unnoticed by most viewers, which is the picture that Sam and Theodore where looking at while they were first falling in love. It was a picture of a bear lifting up a grumpy looking rock to find a small, happy looking creature underneath it. I believe that this picture sums up the entire story of the movie for Theodore, yet it was displayed as such an insignificant scene in the movie.

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One thought on ““Her” Prompt #4

  1. I feel you did a good job talking about how Theodore is unable to express his feelings to others as compared to the way he expresses them in his letters. But I could not really see where the answer really is. Sure his behavior towards people is different from the way he writes letters for other people, but at the same he is shown as a really sensitive person who has gone through an emotional divorce. He uses this incident as his soul ingredient to write most of his letters.

    Also, 10th line from the bottom, 2nd word should be were instead of where. You might also want to divide your text into paragraphs so there’s a better flow to the blog. overall, the blog was good but it was disconnected from the prompt.


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