Theodore’s ‘Beautiful Letter’s’ Job

The movie  “Her” follows Theodore Twombly, a complex, soulful man who makes his living writing touching, personal letters for other people. He is a professional writer and works for a company called “Beautiful Handwritten Letters”. With Technology growing and changing at an incredible pace, this movie set in the near future allows Theodore to dictate an intimate and thoughtful letter and the computer computes it to the handwriting of the person who asked for it.

The uncanny feeling about his job is the fact that he is supposed to write letters for people he doesn’t even know. However, he still manages to write beautiful letters for people almost like he has figured out romance like a science. He has a lot of experience in this job of his as he has been writing for over 6 years now for a single couple and has almost got their relationship figured out, which is very creepy as mother person has got  couples relationship figured out to the core.

What the director wanted us to feel? That’s a question that everyone would have different answers to. Because in the eyes of someone else what Theodore does would be fine and in mine what he does is very strange. In no time people wouldn’t be writing to their loved ones but Theodore, which is uncanny because what is the person falls in love with the writer not knowing it’s ‘Theodore’ and later realize that her actual lover never really spoke to him/her like that.

One thing that this job of his can relate to is the shadow scholar ‘Ed Dante’ who writes assignments and papers for students. It is in every possible angle the same thing as what Theodore does. What we can devise from this is that people take advantage of the unknown and the fact that people are willing to do such personal things for a price.

In my opinion, the director wanted to tell show the audience a changing society and a very superficial and technological improvement in society. this improvement is not taken the same way by everyone.


One thought on “Theodore’s ‘Beautiful Letter’s’ Job

  1. Very interesting ideas here. I hadn’t thought about it, but Theodore’s job is sort of uncanny, because a it’s a “real” love letter, but it’s also fake, in a similar way to how Olympia is a real person, but underneath, clearly not. I also agree that there’s something superficial and weird about a society where people write each others’ love letters.


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