Theodore’s Job in Her

The movie Her is set in a futuristic where computer interaction has become indistinguishable from human interaction. In the film the main character, Theodore, falls hopelessly in love with his OS, Samantha. The film makes the viewer part of the exciting relationship of Theodore and Samantha. The director of the film try to make the viewer as connected to the movie as possible. One may find it hard to connect to a movie that is more or less about a person dating his computer. The director helps ease the audience into this connection by making the setting of the movie feel familiar. Although the movie is set in the future, it is a future that the audience can connect with. The viewers get a sense that the movie is set in the near future.

One of the peculiar aspects of Her is Theodore’s job. Theodore works as a writer at a “Beautiful Handwritten Letters” company. His job is to write letters as though he were someone else. He must make the letters believable enough for the person receiving them to believe it.   The film opens on a picture of Theodore’s face as he is speaking. At first the viewer thinks Theodore is speaking to another person, but we realize that he is actually speaking to a computer. He is at his job, and he is writing a letter as if he is someone else. The makers of this film give us this information, and they let us question it at first. They show the world that Theodore lives in. They show how it is similar to our own but also how it differs. At first they let the viewer question this world. He is aloud to form his own opinion. Through out the film, the viewer is forced to accept the strange world as normal.

During the movie, the audience gets the feeling that he Theodore is a hopeless romantic, and he is not emotionally stable. Throughout the movie we learn that he has just gone through a divorce. The audience acquires much information about Theodore, and they may view him as weak. His ex wife even says “You can’t handle real emotions, Theodore”(Jonze, Her). Each viewer may have his own view on this. Some may view Theodore as weak. He definitely does not fit the stereotypical tough guy. People who have this opinion of Theodore are only looking at him face deep. If one really tries to understand Theodore, then he will realize how emotionally strong Theodore actually is.

It is Theodore’s job to deal with emotions. He must write letters everyday that make a certain person feel a certain way. Theodore is so strong because he knows how to be vulnerable. The audience accepts Theodore’s job because of his role at it. The way he channels his emotions to write a beautiful handwritten letter is quite a feat. Theodore is connected to each one of his clients. It is as if he is a part of their relationship, and in some ways he is.

The director of the movie Her makes the story in a unfamiliar world. Theodore’s job seems strange to the audience at first. The director does not give the audience much time to have an opinion on the strangeness of Theodore’s job.   The director uses Theodore’s personality in order to get the audience to accept Theodore’s job.

Her. Dir. Spike Jonze. Perf. Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson.    Annapurna Pictures, 2013. DVD.


2 thoughts on “Theodore’s Job in Her

  1. I totally forgot to write a summary of the movie, and relevant facts in my post. Oops.
    Regardless, this was a great post! I like how you really dealt with his emotions and his role in the Company. I think your analysis of his job in general with respect to its place in the world is also noteworthy. I enjoyed reading the post 🙂


  2. In your essay your main points are the setting is futuristic and strange, Theodore’s job is slightly weird and unsettling to the audience, and the director uses Theodore’s personality to get the audience to understand his job. I think you do a good job of explaining each one of these points individually; however, I think you could do a better job of explaining how they connect. Particularly, I found the transition from the first paragraph to the second confusing. I would recommend you explain the connection between the setting and Theodore’s job at some point at the end of the first paragraph or beginning of the second paragraph. I also think that it would help if you explained how exactly Theodore’s personality allows us to become more comfortable with his job. Overall, I think it would improve your argument to better explain how each one of your individual points is connected.


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