Adventure of the Cardboard Box and Clue

Literature can be any written work in various genres. The reading level can be easy or hard. It just need words that reader will be able to read. In my opinion, I think “The Adventure of the Cardboard Box” did meet my expectations in literature, but not fully. In my definition of “literature”, I expected the reading / writing with a harder context followed by old aged language. Whenever I hear literature, I somehow get scared because I automatically think it will be hard for me as an International student. But if everyone else evaluated whether Doyle’s story can be classified as a suitable literature, they will say yes.

First of all, there are no grammatical errors in the context and second, the story of the plot is strong. Literature sometimes have to make readers evoke feeling and lure them to imagine through their brains. For example, when Sherlock found two ears that were exclusive clue, the way how Doyle expressed was actually a crime scene for me. During my high school year, my english class did read some of the classics and famous literature books: Odysseys, Romeo and Juliet, Ramayana, etc.  However, the reading level was pretty low and understandable. Despite the fact that it was easy to read, the similarity these books have is a lesson. Although Sherlock does not really teach lesson, I personally think it teaches a moral lesson. A moral lesson that even though you have some grievance inside your heart, you still should bear those feeling and find another way to cleanse it rather than killing. If I had seen “thou” in Doyle’s story, it would have fully got into my expectations. I am very stereotyped whenever I see “thou” in reading because I automatically perceive it as a literature right away. In conclusion, despite there are various levels of reading, if a book includes inspiration, lessons, and correct grammar, it has right to be called a “literature” book.

These days, technology is helping the world for a better environment especially in the police department. “Clues” for police detective will be fingerprints, blood, hair, and everything that is from the human body. Technology will help these clues to find another clue that will get the police to find the criminal closer. Although clue can help the police to find who the criminal is, some clues can hinder or make them choose unrelated suspects. Clues in 2014 can be useful but detectives still have to be discreet with it.


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