Prompts 10/24

Choose one essay topic and write about 500 words. As usual, you are welcome to write in a conversational style, but make sure the sentences and paragraphs are a help, not a hindrance, to the reader’s understanding.

1. Describe a time when researching something made a real impact on your life. Maybe you treat a family member differently because of something you learned about their past; maybe you decided to invest in a company or boycott an organization; maybe you just don’t find jokes about X or Y funny anymore. Tell us how you conducted your research and how you determined what information was relevant (a clue, perhaps). What happened? How could you tell when your research was complete, or when you had to stop? The research you describe doesn’t need to have been for school or even wholly credible.

2. Ginzburg frequently returns to the idea of individuality or singularity. Why is he so interested in that concept? What story is he trying to tell about the way individuality has been perceived, and how does it relate to his main argument about the rise of the clue? Address your response to a hypothetical classmate who has just read the essay but doesn’t understand it fully.

Due on Friday; comments due the following Monday night. If you blogged about the Kevin Young/Jericho Brown reading on Friday, you can either (a) skip this week’s entry, or (b) complete this week’s entry and have a “bonus” post.


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