“The Adventure of the Cardboard Box”

I do recognize the character of Sherlock Holmes as a well-known figure in literature and A. Conan Doyle as a renowned author who creates literature that has been enjoyed by individuals of different ages from different times and spaces. However, I don’t believe that “The Adventure of the Cardboard Box” meets my expectations as far as literature, short stories, and novels are concerned. The types of books and literature that I intake normally suggest something broader and more transcendent about the world and the nature of mankind, possessing themes that parallel the world we live in today. There is also much variance in the plot – they all keep me guessing until the end and some even require me to ponder the meaning of the content – not because it is difficult or dense, but because it is intricate with many aspects implicitly stated.

With Sherlock Holmes stories, I feel like once I have read one story, I have read them all. It has a certain monotony to the plots and characters. Although the details vary from story to story, the formula remains the same; Holmes identifies a problem, goes through the motions (in the pompous and matter-of-factly way that he does), and always ends up figuring out the answer to the problem in a way that others have overlooked due to his scrupulous attention to every little detail. Holmes character is extremely predictable and never changing. In the literature that I read in school, I am accustomed to the protagonist(s) undergoing an evolution of some sort. He/she/they is/are constantly being transformed by their experiences and encounters (i.e. Jack in The Lord of the Flies) and learn something by the end of the story, or (even better) teaches me something and gives me a different perspective and way of viewing something.

I believe I would be a fan of Doyle’s story “The Adventure of the Cardboard Box” and Holmes character if I had read this when I was younger or had not been exposed to literature both in and outside of school that dealt with more complicated and morally trying matters. Sherlock Holmes stories are excellent for family reading time (even though the sophistication and formal nature of the words used by Doyle makes it read like a novel for older people or adults. It make for a great story to read for entertainment or for individuals who are into detective stories and things of the like. However, in school, the stories I read are meant to preface and relate to the subject matter that I am about to learn about in class.


One thought on ““The Adventure of the Cardboard Box”

  1. I have a pretty same opinion as you have as you stated in the first paragraph. As much as I am fascinated by the story of “The Adventure of a Cardboard Box”, I find that all the story with Sherlock Holmes go through the predictable routes and monotonous plots. So this factor hinders me from reading other stories. After all, “The Adventure of a Cardboard Box” was regarded as literature by you and you made some critical comments on the story which I find interesting to read.


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