Research That Changed My Interest

Ever since I was young, my number one hobby was to play soccer and it has never changed my decision to present. I knew the general and specific rules for soccer. I also knew all the players and team clubs that were playing in the professional league. I could have been the youngest manager in any club team. However, one thing I lacked knowledge was about the “government” that runs soccer, named FIFA. When I surfed the Internet, I did see a lot of issues that occurred in FIFA but was too careless to read. But the time has came to dig deeply into FIFA.


A big research paper project in english class was given during my last semester in senior year, the peek of time to get out of high school. It was 11 pages research paper and our teacher just could not give us a break from the hard barriers that we have overcomed to graduate. You can research any subject in any field and he gave us time to work on our project during class time. My subject was FIFA, of course. There were a lot of stages to go through before writing a research paper. Teacher gave us a template that is similar to brainstorming. It is pretty much the same thing as what we are doing for the annotated bibliography. I listed introduction, body 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and conclusion and generally wrote what I was going to write for each sentences. One thing that I was surprised about my teacher was that he was the only teacher that allowed us to use Wikipedia. However, surprisingly again, I did not use Wikipedia as much as I used to do for this research.


I determined whether my clues were relevant was type of websites. For example, if it was answer and question based websites, I definitely crossed that off my lists. However, news article and journals were the most credible website for sure. Other way I knew whether it was relevant was if at least two websites had the same information, I used those sources for my research. Moreover, I used some of documentaries and video clips from Youtube that were interview based videos. My research topic was about the “Corruption of FIFA.” When I was naive and gullible back in the old days, I used to like Steve Blatter, the president of FIFA because he seemed like a good guy from his appearance. However, as I gained a lot of information about him, I despite and encouragingly want him to step off from his position. He uses money and bribery to sustain his position for long time as possible. I have stopped my research when I used every sources that came out from Google and found all the information that uncovered FIFA’s corruption. Also, I stopped my research after I found all the wrong acts Blatter did. Although research paper might sound like a useless thing to do, it will give you bountiful facts that will impact your life.


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