From Research to Investment

As somebody who is interested in the business world, I have done a bit of research in that field. As somebody who is also passionate about cars, I too spend a lot of time looking into the automotive industry. I frequently merge these two interests by further investigating the financial, strategic, and marketing decisions that automakers choose to make. This research that I do is primarily driven by personal curiosity. My research in this field is driven by both the specific aspects of the industry that are most intriguing to me and by the news highlights that come up.

One company that was of great interest to me was Tesla. My original research with the company began as a result of their revolutionary plans. My first experience with the company was learning about their first model, the Roadster. The Tesla Roadster was simply a Lotus Elise body with what were essentially many unified laptop batteries functioning as a power source. While the Roadster was interesting in that it was the first high performance electric car, I, along with many others, came to the conclusion that the car was a low production, niche vehicle. Along with the roadster came many skeptics of the brand’s viability. Throughout history, many independent boutique automakers failed shortly after their inception. At this stage, I was not sure of what the future held for the brand.

The company’s next venture, the Models S, was what really captivated me. This car made headlines around the world and was a hot topic among non-car people. The Tesla Model S was a very bold and ambitious product that the company set lofty expectations for. Tesla promised uncompromised range, stellar performance, practicality, advanced design, and the latest technology.

It was once that Tesla’s vision of the Model S became more of a reality that I realized this had the potential to be more than just a cool development in the industry. As more images, details, and specifications were released, I began to think of the Tesla brand as an investment opportunity. I had some money I had earned and have been told many times that it is better to invest money you do not need than to let it sit in the bank. Taking a leap of confidence, I gave the green light and became an official “owner” of the company. What was once just an intriguing research follow turned into something I had a personal stake in.

Fortunately, for me, my interest in the industry and the further research that I pursued proved to be beneficial. I was fortunate to make my investment before the brand really caught on. Since the time that I made my purchase order, the stock has multiplied roughly ten times the value that I acquired it at. The main takeaway that I have from this experience is that it is worthwhile to research and later pursue the interests you have.


One thought on “From Research to Investment

  1. I really enjoyed reading about your interest in the field of automobiles. Understanding that you combined your passion for cars with your interest in investments gave me the impression that you must have really enjoyed doing research in the field. Personally, I also conducted research in the field of Epilepsy, something that was close to my heart. Thus, I agree with you when it comes to conducting research in fields that interest you the most. I thought this was a great story about how your interest in the field of investments and passion for automobiles aligned perfectly.


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