How Research Changed Me

A happy joint family with my grandparents, my uncle-aunt with their two children Raj and Rani, my parents, my brother Yash and me lived in a single huge bungalow. Celebrations, meals and work all were together. My father used to look after the production in the factory, while my uncle who was older to my father used to see to the marketing and finance. We grew, joint work. I was told to join my dad, while Raj was already under his dad’s training. Life was going smooth, no worry.

One day just happened to walk into the office just to meet up with Raj. A meeting was going on so was told to wait in his cabin. I told his secretary to not inform him as I came casually. While I was sitting in his cabin the office bearer put file on his desk and left. It had been an hour of wait, my eyes went on the file, PERSONAL WEALTH was written in bold capital letters. Don’t know what prompted me but I took that file in my hand and opened to see. As I was reading, I was shocked with surprise and confused. Looked at every bit of the details. I could not stay any longer.

I called my dad and told him to come home immediately. When dad arrived, we sat separately in an enclosed room and I spoke about the file I saw. It said that uncle Raj had a stronger personal wealth than we had. I felt it was injustice. My father did not utter a word and was all right about it. But I was full of anger and could not understand as why dad was so cool about it. My dad has always been a workaholic and I have never seen him demand anything for himself. My uncle used to take number of holidays with the family and sometime we also accompanied them. Dad saw me very upset so made me sit with him and held my hand. He said whatever I do for the family is less and they have given my family and me a greater deal. I could not understand as to why dad is speaking so highly about them when they are cheating on us.

The story broke which was told to never share it with us. My grandfather got my father from the steps of a religious place when he went on a visit to Punjab. Little was known about my father’s birth, his parents just left him there for hours and he was crying in hunger when grandfather picked him up. Uncle knew about this, but treated him as his own, took care of him always. I had great fondness for the family. But now its much greater respect, I felt what we are today is only because of my grandparents and uncle. I too owe them all my life and decided that like my father I will never forget their good deed. Never let them down.


One thought on “How Research Changed Me

  1. From my understanding, you come from a closely knitted, caring family. Your dad and uncle seem to run the show and provide from the family. You saw the file, something you weren’t supposed to see, and you were upset because your uncle had a stronger personal wealth than your father. You thought that it shouldn’t be that way because your father is a workhorse. Did you think it should’ve been equal share? Or should your father have received more? You talked with your father and this part of research showed you why your father is okay with the situation. Did he know this prior to your conversation?
    There are many, simple errors throughout the essay which are easily fixable.


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