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While deciding on a research topic to discuss, I thought about the different school projects that ruthlessly forced me to research certain boring topics of discussion. I researched the usual topics such as nuclear reactions, the rise of Malta, and multivariable calculus, the normal stuff in high school. Although none of the topics really stood out to me, they were all just more school assignments. I probably just got all my information from Wikipedia and copied and pasted it onto my essay (just kidding I actually did my research, wrote the information in my own words, and then cited random websites).

So I decided to write about non-school subject which I really enjoy researching, which is soccer. I’ve always been interested in everything about the sport since I was 3; this is also the age at which I started playing. Since soccer is such a passion for me, doing research is more of a way of entertainment for me. Now when someone thinks of research in the terms of school assignment, they would probably think of sitting at a computer or in the library searching for different articles or books on the subject. For soccer and sports in general, research includes watching games, playing the sport, and discussing games with friends. I love watching soccer games; it is my weekly Saturday morning activity, when I’m hung-over from partying so hard (ha I wish, usually my Friday nights consist of me and Netflix having a date in my bed).

I could tell you about hundreds of players and teams, how good the teams are, the best attributes about each player, where they play on the field. I love it; it’s a passion that I know will continue as long as I live. Along with watching soccer, I’ve also been playing for around 15 years now. I remember running through my house with a soccer ball at my feet, breaking valuable family heirlooms, smashing windows, hitting my pet cow, causing him to jump over the moon. Even while I’m at Emory, I’m playing soccer on the varsity team, which by the way is number 11 in the country right now for D3 soccer. Just in case any of you were wondering, we play on Halloween night at 5 PM and I know none of you have anything better to do on a Friday night at that time, so please come watch. Soccer has changed my life and kept me in shape. It’s something that I love to research everyday and will continue to research for many years to come.


One thought on “Research Blog

  1. Your topic is really interesting as probably no one can get bored of researching on football. The fact that you have been playing for 15 years now tells a lot about your passion for it. Perhaps you could’ve included some information on what exactly you researched on soccer like did you research on the history of a specific club? or the history of football itself?Overall your blog is great! you included humor in your blog which makes it all the more interesting to read.


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