When one does not understand a certain topic, he can use research to learn new things about it. One case where research benefitted my life was when I did research on swimming. For an English project I did I had to choose a topic I was passionate about and write a research paper about it. I am a swimmer, so my research benefited my swimming. My research included many different areas of swimming. I focused my research paper on swimming technique and the pool.

Swimming technique is what separates the good from the great. One could be bigger and stronger than the rest of the competition, but if one does not have proper technique, then he will not be better than the average person. Stroke technique is what makes me such an effective swimmer. I often beat competition that is bigger than me. My research led me to be a more effective swimmer. I learned how to have a more efficient streamline. By conserving energy on my streamline I could race faster on top of the water.

While doing my research I also discovered that certain pools can be faster than others. The way a pool is built and the technology in the pool can influence how fast the times for a race are. The lane lines of a pool can affect how fast a swimmer’s time is. Along with the lane lines, the depth and temperature of the pool greatly affect times. Deeper pools produce faster times. The ideal temperature is 78 degrees. When a swimmer is prepared and he is in the right pool, he has the opportunity to swim very fast.

The information I learned about swimming was not easy to find. I had to search on many websites to find what I was looking for. I did not use certain information because it was from an unreliable website. I found many of my facts on the USA Swimming website. This is one very reliable source for many swimming facts. I also used a book that was written by Michael Phelps.

Swimming is a very broad topic to research. A person could write an entire book on swimming. I chose to focus on two subcategories in swimming. There is so much information that it was hard to end my paper. I did not know what information was necessary and what was not. I just cut myself off after a certain point and tied it all together. I tried to make the things I researched connect with one another.

Research can be a very useful tool. When people research topics, they find much information. They must decide what information is useful to them and what is not. Sometimes it can be hard to decipher what is true and what is false

One thought on “Research

  1. This was a fun to read post! It’s cool to hear about someone’s passion. I wish you would have given more example of the things you researched, and all the discoveries you made. But you’re right, swimming is a very broad topic, and I’m sure that would take a long time to explain. I also really appreciated the organization of the post, it was easy to follow and flowed nicely.
    Towards the end of your post, you introduced a new idea: “I chose to focus on two subcategories in swimming,” but you didn’t follow through and explain it. I was left on a sort of cliff-hanger wondering what the subcategories could have been. You also mentioned “true” and “false” a few times in different ways, I’m wondering what false information you found and how you deemed it untrue. That would give the post an interesting spin. Nevertheless, the post was interesting and I enjoyed reading it.


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