The Power of Research

Ever since I was young, I had a keen interest in cars. I cannot recall what exactly initiated this deep fascination, however I remember being so excited to go on long road trips where I could gaze out the window and observe all kinds of different vehicles zooming by. I was fascinated by everything; the sounds of their engines, their shiny exteriors, and the extensive spectrum of the different shapes and sizes they came in absolutely intrigued me. However, as I got older, I began to focus on the internal components of cars. I realized that a car is so much more than a “pretty exterior” and began to analyze vehicles in greater depth. This sparked my interest in weighing the pros and cons of each car and comparing different models in order to answer my greatest wonder: what is the best car in the world?

A few years ago, a family friend came over for dinner and began to talk about a car he was dying to purchase. I immediately gave my full attention as the car company he mentioned was one that I had not heard of. As he was describing the car, I was amazed by its abilities; however, what I was absolutely blown away by was the fact that this vehicle was an electric car.

Although I originally stated that I had an admiration for cars, I cannot say that this respect was extended towards all types of cars, especially electricity powered vehicles. I had a bias against electric cars as being slow and untrustworthy and could not imagine them being superior to the standard gas-powered car. However, when I was introduced to the up and coming car company, Tesla Motors, I immediately felt compelled to research more about their vehicles. I turned on my computer and began endlessly finding out information about this new company.

I found out that Tesla Motors is a privately run electric car company established in 2003 by world renown businessman and innovator, Elon Musk. The company was founded in order to prove to the world that electric vehicles could be awesome. What makes Tesla Cars stand out from other electric cars are their uniquely designed batteries developed from Lithium-ion cell technology. These specialized batteries completely knocked down my impression of electric cars as being inadequate as they hold better power than most gas-powered vehicles. I also discovered that not only are Tesla Cars more cost-efficient due to the free power charges at any of the Tesla charging stations in the world, but also environmentally friendly as this electric car releases zero emissions and can use electricity produced from any resource.

Through my research, I realized how ignorant I was towards new, alternative methods, not only about electric cars, but also towards life in general. I realized that I had never been an individual who was comfortable with change and I was disappointed and ashamed by my close-mindedness. I felt my research was complete when I was able to self-reflect about my actions and realized the infinite benefits that come with being open-minded and accepting of all possibilities.

One thought on “The Power of Research

  1. I really liked this post! You were very descriptive in everything you said and all of your sentences flowed together really nicely. It was easy to follow your train of thought and I thought it was interesting to see your growth in research. One thing that stood out to me was that your last paragraph seemed to be very rushed and could use some extra explanation, especially because that is the focus of the prompt that you are answering to. Also, how does this affect your thoughts about cars now? Would you consider buying an electric car more than a gas-powered car?


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