Epilepsy Research Project

As an IB graduate, research was given immense importance during the formative years of my high school career. I still remember each assignment very clearly. Rather then depending on our teachers for all the information we needed, the educational framework was designed in a way that encouraged the students to discover new ideas for themselves and be able to form their own opinions about controversial topics. For me, the most important research projects I had conducted came early on in my school life.

Soon after, my Aunt introduced me to her work with Epilepsy and the science behind it. I offered to help her by creating an e-kit to educate students at my school and other schools. We also donated some e-kits to various local hospitals for use in their operations. My goal as a contributor was to increase awareness about Epilepsy in order to diminish the common misconceptions that are related to Epilepsy by the everyday man. These misleading opinions are the sole cause to the growth of the disease in our community.

In order to achieve my goal and spread awareness about Epilepsy, I decided to assist the individuals in my community who have been diagnosed with the disease. To tackle this major issue, I created an e-kit consisting of material, which would help spread awareness about the condition. Once someone had been through the contents of the e-kit, they would have the ability to assist a patient during the course of a seizure. The e-kit would also educate the person about the disease, getting rid of any misconceptions or doubts that were originally in their minds.

The process of successfully creating the e-kit, as mentioned above, required various sources of information using which I could gain knowledge about my selected topic. In order to increase my knowledge about Epilepsy I conducted various interviews and visited seminars through which I had the privilege of meeting world-renowned individuals, known for their work in the field of Epilepsy. Apart from these primary sources of information, I exploited secondary sources of information as well, by looking through newspaper articles, watching movies and going through brochures as well as posters.

I believe my research stage was extremely successful. This is mainly because I used an array of sources in order to create a holistic final research report looking at which I could easily create my final product. Conducting this research allowed me to give back to the community in the form of a e-kit. Contributing to those who are not made aware of this very serious disease made me very sensitive to such illnesses and gave me a sense of accomplishment in being able to conduct such a research project.


One thought on “Epilepsy Research Project

  1. I really enjoyed reading this blog post. I admire the logical progression you developed in explaining this anecdote. I like how you organized this chronologically and how you thoroughly explained both your motives and the outcomes. One recommendation that I have is that you explain what an e-kit is. I am unsure if an e-kit is something that is specific to epilepsy, if is a general way to distribute material, or something else. Regardless, what you did was very impressive and I enjoyed reading about it.


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