2048, it was the game back in the spring.  Everyone wanted to reach 2048, to beat someone else’s high score.  The second semester of my senior year I took a course in visual basic, a coding language.  Towards the end of the semester when it came round to picking a final project, I had more time compared to the rest of the class and I decided to be ambitious, I wanted to recreate 2048.  To some that might sound simple, the game and rules already exist you just have to copy it.  Yes, but how do you recreate it.  What exactly happens when you swipe right, how do you track the variables, how does it know where to pop up your next number, how does the scoring system work.  It’s actually a lot more complicated, which is where my research came in.

It wasn’t your typical research project where you read through books and research on the internet.  I had to sit down and think through each move in the game, what happens in each individual step, what happens when the game starts, and when the computer knows when the game ends.  It was an extremely difficult but at the same time very rewarding process.  I was amazed at the complexity of coding something that seemed so simple as swiping.  It really helped my understanding of coding and the difference between explaining and coding.  While conducting my research I broke the game down into smaller stages, from there into parts, and then I had to figure out each individual step of that part on the most basic of steps.  Almost all information was relevant into recreating the game.  The corresponding colors and numbers were not necessary to recreate the game however I tried my best to reate the game as genuinely as possible, therefore in the later stages it did become important.  I never really knew when to stop because I tried extremely hard to shorten and streamline the code as much as possible.  Eventually I accepted the fact that it was as short as I could possibly make it.  Upon achieving recreating the game I have never been more proud of myself and my ability to break down the problem into steps and look at each step individually.

Recreating 2048 showed me that I had an aptitude for coding and influenced my decision to either pursue a computer science major or minor.  Also recreating 2048 was the only real work I had during senioritis season.  It kept my brain active and swirling, which is something that I value because I hate having a summer slump brain.  It showed me how games like Luminosity work to activate the brain.

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