Personal Space

Ever had a problem with people being in your personal space? Just last weekend I was at the Coca-Cola Museum and as I was walking around, testing out every flavor of soda, I realized this boy kept standing directly behind me. As he wasn’t speaking English I assumed he was not from the area and maybe didn’t understand the right way to wait in line to try the soda. I just kept trying to move away and he continued to stand behind me. I whispered to my mom and roommate that I needed to move away and she just laughed. No one understood that I needed my personal space. Well I was happy to find this new project from Sara Hendren with the Spike Away Jacket. This jacket keeps people away even when you are in tight quarters.

I think that it would work perfectly, the inside of the jacket looks comfortable and the outside would for sure keep people away. While I personally would not wear this jacket around school per say it would come in handy for visits to museums in downtown Atlanta or when maneuvering the airport when I fly home for breaks. It may not be the most stylish attire but who wants to look stylish when he or she is trying to keep people away.

While there really is not actual a practical time to wear this, the bigger issue is the way that people might perceive you when you are walking around with spikes on you. Like in reality there is no way that you would be allowed to wear that into an airport without a thorough pat down as soon as security saw you. I also do not think that people would wear it simply because of the way it looks and although the woman in the picture did have hers painted green I do not think that a typical person would be okay with being seen on the streets without knowing he or she was being judged. So while I would love to own something like this for those moments where people just need to understand social cues there really isn’t a market for this new project.


One thought on “Personal Space

  1. I liked reading about your time at the Coca-Cola Factory. Because cultures vary so much in terms of social norms, the boy must not have realized that he was making you uncomfortable. Nevertheless, it’s not necessarily okay that he was staying a little too close for comfort. It sounds like the jacket from the article would be perfect for scenarios like the one you went through. Like you said, it’s not the most appealing thing to look at, but if you’re someone who really doesn’t like to feel squished, it may just be worth it. You could even bring it in a bag and take it out if you really needed to. Maybe someday they’ll come up with an attractive version that you can wear whenever and wherever.


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