The New Spoon

The Lift Ware spoon is a spoon designed to eliminate up to 70% of its user’s hand tremor, making feeding themselves easier and reduces the risk of spilling food. The functionality of the spoon seems very helpful to those who have tremors or diseases such as Parkinson’s and upon first glance the spoon looks like it would be easy to grip and use. Although from a functional standpoint the spoon looks good, from an aesthetics point of view, the spoon is not as pleasing to the eyes as it could be. The spoon looks like a simple silver spoon with a large tan grip handle. There is very little color or appeal to the users senses, especially the eyes, and this lack of “wow factor” per say could easily hurt their advertising if the product goes on the market.

From a user standpoint, the spoon looks very easy to use and handle while eating. With such a large grip for a handle, there is no doubt that anybody would be able to pick it up and hold it with ease. The bifurcation in the middle of the handle is the factor that essentially absorbs the users tremor, and this obviously makes the ability to use the spoon even simpler since there will no longer be a tremor or shake when the user is eating. A factor that could possibly make the eating process even easier to use would be if the manufacturer could extend the length of the spoon. Currently the spoon looks about the length of a child’s spoon and a couple inches short of a standardized restaurant spoon. This could cause a few problems when trying to eat from a deeper bowl, but other than length, this product could not be easier to learn to use.

Personally, while I may not be the type of person this item was designed for, I could see myself using it on a regular basis. The handle is much larger and easier to grasp than a regular utensil and that would seem to come in handy quite often. Also, the fact that is gets rid of tremors when you eat could be beneficial, even though I do not shake often, especially to reduce messes when I eat. It would come most in handy for persons with tremors and Parkinson’s disease though to prevent the spilling of food and liquid while eating. The spoon might fall short when it comes to the fact that the actual spoon size is rather small and could most likely not hold a lot substance from your meal. People’s perception of things most likely would not change too drastically as this spoon does not look much different from other ones. Besides the physical perception though, there would be a very noticeable change in that users spoons would no longer shake with their tremors.

The Lift Ware spoon is a device that helps the handicap and improves the quality of life for people with tremors. This product is one that would prove useful for numerous groups of people and with just a few small changes; it could be the perfect solution to a big problem.


2 thoughts on “The New Spoon

  1. Although it wouldn’t hurt to add a little bit of color, I’m not sure that the simplicity of this newly developed spoon will negatively affect the popularity of the product. Because of its functionality purposes, people who suffer from diseases like Parkinson’s will automatically be interested. This company would be targeting an audience that desires the practicality of the tremor-less spoon, not the aesthetic appearance. They aren’t trying to solve the problem of a bland spoon: they are trying create a product to reduce tremors so people who suffer from certain illness can feed themselves. If the spoon didn’t help with stabilizing, then it would need to be more glamorized to add a “wow” factor, but because it fixes a problem, the functionality will speak for itself.


  2. I think you did a good job showcasing the Lift Ware spoon. You clearly identified the targeted audience for the product, but also gave an example of how people who do not have Parkinson’s could use the Lift Ware spoon. Also, they way you ended your piece by saying “it could be the perfect solution to a big problem” is memorable. However, I would suggest adding a little more “pizazz” to you’re piece to add more excitement.


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