The “Itch” Chair

The “Itch” chair is a device that allows users to scratch their backs through minimal movement. The touchpad, hidden under the seat, connects the motion of one’s fingers to an automated fingernail located at the back of the chair. Not only can users determine the position of itchiness, they are also able to control the intensity and pressure of the scratch. Furthermore, this gadget also comes with a great assortment of mechanical fingernails in order for users to customize their “Itch” chair experience.

When I first saw a picture of this contraption, I was very disappointed. I thought the device would look futuristic and different from the standard chair. I was displeased with its orthodox design as it diminished the special abilities this chair holds. In addition to its bland presentation, the “Itch” chair looks stiff and uncomfortable. I think the chair would feel hard and resistant to any flexibility, limiting users to have a relaxing experience. I do not think it would be necessary for me to use this device on a regular basis as it would require the same energy for me to physically scratch my back. Furthermore, I personally do not think that I encounter many instances where I am in dire need of assistance when experiencing an itch.

Some practical benefits include restricted movement when scratching one’s back, especially for people who are not physically able and for those who suffer from serious back irritations. A shortfall of this mechanism can be the fact that this object does not present any further benefits that would be far superior over the human action of scratching one’s back. The device does not offer a more relieving scratching technique as it incorporates the same human motion using an artificial finger.

Overall, I think this device holds an interesting design that helps introduce the idea of technology assisting even the most uncomplicated tasks. Although this object does not greatly change the way people perceive things, it holds an interesting concept that allows us to reflect on the potential applications of technology in our daily lives.

2 thoughts on “The “Itch” Chair

  1. This was a good summary of the “itch chair” that covered its main details, and your last paragraph really summarizes my position on the “itch chair” as well. It seems pretty pointless to the point of being uncomfortable, but the real importance of it lies in the fact that technology can solve even the most menial of tasks. Though it doesn’t even look like the chair would work for its designed purpose unless the person had perfect posture in a hard wooden chair, it does speak to potential laziness technology may incur onto humans to the point of such a meaningless device.


  2. Your piece was very interesting and I enjoyed hearing about this new technology. You had great organization and it was easy to follow! I would suggest that maybe to enhance this piece to talk further about how you would improve this piece of equipment. You addressed the prompt very well, but it seemed a bit dry and lacked some of the personality that has been in your previous pieces. I think that the personality in your previous pieces really make your pieces much better. This was very informative, interesting, and easy to read! Great job!


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