Object which may carry a mythical connotation are clouds. Clouds, in many religious texts and myths can be associated with the heavens. In mythology, clouds were a direct means of interaction between humans and gods. For example, rain allows for vegetation and crops to grow. Rain provides fertility for land and organisms. Rain directly benefitted humans in this way. In many cultures, clouds were hailed as a godly object.

Lightning emanates from clouds. In many cultures, lightning would have a meaning associated with gods. For example, there can be an association between the anger of gods and lightning. So, since clouds are the vesicles which “carry” lightning and rain.

In many cultures, clouds have a heavenly connotation. They seem very high in the sky, and have an ominous feel – what is beyond them and what are they harbouring? In fairy tales and myths it is common for clouds to harbor cities, typically cities associated with gods or the heavens.

What I am trying to say is that clouds incite a heavenly sense, because of the amount of cultures that associate clouds and the gods.

It is important for us to recognize this myth associated with clouds because it is important to note that there are still many myths in various cultures which are still prominent today. Religion and the mythology surrounding it is so prominent that even kids, who may not be exposed to all the mythology and religion, still associate clouds – which they would consider fluffy and comfortable. It goes beyond this because clouds, since they are high in the sky, are awe-inspiring to kids. This naturally incites a heavenly association to clouds.

One thought on “Clouds

  1. I think it is very interesting how the majority of your blog posts have to do with religious or cultural topics and examples. I think it is very cool how you chose to look into the “meanings” of clouds. I never really thought of clouds as anything but puffy things in the sky that make rain and snow. Your post is very informative and extremely well written. I like how you are talking to an audience rather than just writing a report about clouds.


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