Lauren McCarthy’s Conversacube is an invention that I came across on the Abler blog. The Conversacube has been designed with the purpose of facilitating conversation and helping strangers avoid awkward situations while interacting with one and other. Coming in various shapes and sizes, the Conversacube uses voice recognition to comprehend the direction of the conversation and suggests certain words on the basis of what it has heard so far to further the interaction between two individuals.

The tagline supporting the Conversacube as posted on Lauren McCarthy’s website is to help “avoid uncomfortable conversations”. From what I’ve seen through various videos and reviews for this product, the Conversacube is definitely an effective piece of technology that can be used to strike a conversation between a group of people who would be incompatible otherwise. This is one of the first technological inventions I have come across that can be used to better social interactions in person. I was very fascinated by the Conversacube when I first saw it and found that its sleek look makes it a very appealing device. The creator has made the object available in various sizes making the box like Conversacube extremely portable.

Although this invention could prove to be revolutionary in promoting social interactions during the age of technology, I believe that its widespread appreciation could also hinder the importance of conversation and dialogue. Having to depend on a piece of technology to drive conversations would leave us socially disabled, thus contradicting the purpose of its invention in the first place. Moreover, the Conversacube would defeat the purpose of interaction and eliminate the element of surprise that makes conversations so very exciting.

The first time I saw it, I was thrilled at the idea of such an object and believed that its portable nature would lead to global recognition. Having looked at the invention in further detail, I came to the conclusion that it could prove to be a social disaster. Even though the Lauren McCarthy’s intentions involve the promotion of face-to-face interactions, the Conversacube would make these exchanges materialistic and futile.


2 thoughts on “Conversacube

  1. I really like this post. You do a great job of describing not only what the Conversacube looks like, but then you begin to elaborate on what it does, which I think is a really good start. I would, however, have liked to see a more in depth example of how this device is used in real life. The idea of this “artificial conversation” is very, very foreign to us as the reader, so another paragraph that would really elaborate on how the cube is used would be nice to have. Getting back to the positives, I liked the fact that you included a succinct conclusion at the end. It helped sum up your views, while not feeling like an awkward addition.


  2. I think your writing was totally on point for this topic in terms of both the layout you used and the arguments you made. You did a great job of capturing both the positive and negative effects that this device brings about. I completely agree with you in that the Conversacube could make communication harder between people. I also agree with your assessment of the cons outweighing the pros of this device. That being said, I would really like to try this device out in the real work since it is so distinct from anything that I have come across.


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