High-Low Tech

One of Sarah Hendren’s profiles on her adaptive-design blog is about a company called High-Low Tech. High-Low Tech aims to engage many different people in developing their own technologies. They believe that technology will and should be determined by the end user of the project. High-Low Tech explores “the intersection of computation, physical materials, manufacturing processes, traditional crafts, and design.” High-Low Tech sells many innovative products that are designed to help people with their daily lives but this specific article that Sarah Hendren wrote focuses on a project called Design for Dementia.

Design for Dementia is a project that aims to help people with dementia. Since dementia does not affect any two people in the exact way, this project designs and creates utensils, specifically for eating, that will help people who are losing their range of abilities. Some of the products that are part of the Design for Dementia project include colored plates with a lip, bowls with a lip, and a mug with two handles. The colored plates with a lip were designed for two specific purposes. The plates are made in certain colors that allow for the food to stand out on the plate in relation to the food on it. The plates also include a larger lip than most plates so that the person using the plate to use a spoon and push the food against the lip in order to pick it up easier. Both of these features give significant help to those who are using it because of its ability to make everyday tasks slightly easier for. The bowls that High-Low Tech makes look like a normal bowl except at the top where there is a ceramic piece attached to make the bowl easier for pick up and use with hot liquids. Lastly is a mug, this mug has two places on the top of it for the user to grab in order to make sure that it is not dropped because of instability with using a single hand.

These different projects are designed in a way that people should be proud to use them or get them as a gift for a loved one because they are very modern and look great. This is a product that I would use myself even though I am not a part of the target audience. The design and color make them very interesting to look at and the modernity makes them sit in with many different peoples tastes. For someone with dementia this would probably help a lot with being able to give the user more control. This could even help for small children that are beginning to use adult silverware and plates and such because it gives the user more control as well. These changes technology will be able to change the way in which people with dementia are able to care for themselves because they will not have to rely as much on the people around them, which could be very demeaning, and they would be able to do more things for themselves.

One thought on “High-Low Tech

  1. I have never heard of this product before, but after reading this post I was so intrigued that I looked it up. I felt like you genuinely connected with the audience and really sold the product by describing it in a way that made it seem cool and innovative. There were a few awkward sentences and some grammatical errors but the information about the product and how it serves to aid people with dementia was very well done. I also liked that you mentioned the appeal of the product for not only people with dementia, but for people without it as well. Overall, I really enjoyed this post!


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