Hot in Herre

The word “hot” has many different meanings that can often be found or realized from the situation it’s used in. Being on a college campus, the word “hot” is heard multiple times a day. Whether it be describing the weather or temperature in a location of saying “omg that guy/girl is so hot!”, you can’t go a day without hearing it at least once. An example of the determination of the meaning based off of the situation it is being used in can be seen and hear in Nelly’s hit song, “Hot in Herre.” The opening lines are: “Hot in…./So hot in here…/So hot in…”. If that was all you heard, you would probably assume that the person is somewhere very toasty and warm and probably needs some air conditioning. Then the main hook or chorus in the song goes like this: “(I said)/ Its gettin hot in here (so hot)/So take off all your clothes/ I am gettin so hot, I wanna take my clothes off.” This once again to an audience/viewer/reader doesn’t portray any real sexual meaning except for that it’s really hot. However, if you watch the video, it becomes clear that Nelly has a different meaning. Throughout the video, there are shots of a girl seductively looking at him/into the camera. Then, in the last line in the chorus, the girl starts seductively taking off her shirt while singing “I am getting so hot, I wanna take my clothes off.” So the meaning of the word “hot” changes completely based on the listener/viewer’s way of experience the song.

In general, the way we experience different things, changes the meaning of many different words, hot being just one. So whether it’s the word “hot” or another one, the meaning changes and has evolved over time to mean new and different things every generation.

One thought on “Hot in Herre

  1. I think that you did a great job explaining the many different uses of the ward hot today. You gave great examples of how you would hear the word “hot” being used around campus and how you would hear the word used in pop culture like in Nelly’s song “Hot in Herre.” One other use of the word you could have included is the use of the word “hot” as spicy versus temperature. This could have given the essay a little something extra. Otherwise, I really enjoyed reading your essay because it was so well written and included some great examples of the use of the word “hot.”


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