Vital Organs

One of the object that caught my eye on Sara Hendren’s blog was the “suit of armor for you internal organs.” While not a real object that has been invented, the concept and the design pictured on the bog offer much to be discussed. The blog shows some of the body’s most vital organs–the heart, lungs, and brain–encased in a metallic protective suit. The encased organs now appear silver, shiny, and seemingly indestructible I would assume that they feel very smooth, cold, but also very hard.. Each appears almost as if it were a sculpture of some kind that has been carefully chiseled into the precise shape and size of our body parts. If these objects actually existed, I would certainly like to see them have the design pictured on Abler. Just by looking at the objects, you can tell that they are very strong and could be relied on to protect vital organs. The sleek metallic look would definitely be a selling point were this something on the market. If scientists told me that these suits of armor could protect my organs, I would believe them right away. The problem is, I don;t think that this is a practical solution to the need for protecting organs from damage, disease, etc. Certainly the armor would keep the organs safe from physical damage, but how could the organ continue its normal function in the body. Our bodies are not made to function with large foreign objects inside, nor are we humans strong enough to get around with heavy metal in our chests.

Despite the unrealistic nature of this imaginary invention, It raises an interesting question regarding using technology to fix the natural, biological problem that arise in our bodies. Can we create enough technology to protect ourselves from harmful diseases, physical injury. Our bodies have natural mechanisms to combat these problems but there are of course always things that we can’t fix on our own. The armor suits for organs represent a possible direction that technological innovation is headed. We are now able use 3D printing to replace organs and other important parts of the body and we continue to come up with increasingly advanced solutions, We have thus far used technology to improve nearly every aspect of human lives. There is no reason why we can;t use our ability to develop new technology to further strengthen our bodies against natural forces. Perhaps we are not on our way to having robot-like insides, but maybe we are coming steps closer to being able to protect our insides via new technology,

One thought on “Vital Organs

  1. The way you arranged this blog post is great. I agree with you that Hendren’s ideas are interesting and cool in practice, but not practical. The way you pointed out the flaws in Henderson’s argument was an effective was of discrediting the iron suit organ theory. Your second paragraph is exactly what I think Dr. Laville wants us to do for our upcoming research assignment. You show what works, and then introduce your own ideas. There were some grammatical issues, but very enjoyable blog post!


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