Spike Away

To me, the “Spike away” vest caught my eye at the first sight. It’s an ingenious design made to protect myself from crowdedness and packed up situation in the public transportation. I think the idea is novel and bold.
Imagine yourself being stuck in the cramming line or on public transportation and not having much choice other than to have physical contact with strangers who might be sweaty and stink. It can really irritate me or at least make me annoyed when people push each other to try to get onto the subway during peak hour. Here comes the amazing design. The Spike Away vest guarantees that strangers keep a descent distant away from you.
I can imagine the thinking process of the inventor of Spike Away and how he comes out of this idea. Maybe it is inspired by a hedgehog. How can I actually have my personal space not being interrupted? He conceived an idea of making people full of spikes.
The vest is made of a lattice of flexible spiky plastic material tied together with cable ties. It’s the perfect accessory to warn people that you’re not feeling comfortable right now.
But the problem is the well designed vest seems to be controversial because of its aggressiveness it creates towards people. It is so unorthodox that if people actually wear it, they will look ridiculous. People around you probably think you are some anti social creature who refuses to contact with other people. Personally, I won’t get myself a vest like this since it is totally unnecessary. Plus, I don’t want other people think of me as some eccentric person who isolates herself from the adjacent surroundings. It may spur the sentiment of anti social, I think. People may have the impression of you shunning the society of others, hostile to disruptive of an easily acceptable social phenomenon if you wear it. The manner may be considered rude and disrespectful to others.


One thought on “Spike Away

  1. I liked how you brought up both the pros and cons of the spike away vest to encompass both opinions. However it does get a little confusing because you begin defending the spike away vest and then end with why it is a bad idea. Otherwise, it is very descriptive, and I love how you paint social situations in which the vest will/will not function.


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