Abler Review

As I was scrolling through all the blogs that Sara Hendren posted in a very quick manner, my eye was caught by one of the pictures associated with the article. The picture depicted a plastic fetus. Intrigued by what this article could have to say about this strange picture, I clicked the link and found that the article was about a 3D sonogram machine that allows parents to physically hold their unborn child in a way. My first thought was that this was slightly odd, but as I read more about this new machine, the more I found it to be interesting.

This machine was partially built for parents who are blind or have very poor eyesight. By having a sonogram that they could physically touch, they could actually feel their child growing instead of just being able to hear the heartbeat through the traditional ultrasound. I found this to be a great alternative for parents who were previously unable to view their unborn children.    The machine has also been proven to be able to detect development issues such as cleft lip and Down syndrome. As I don’t believe that this machine should replace traditional tests, it does provide a good service to it’s users.

I myself, would probably not use this machine for the fact that I am of good eyesight and therefore a traditional ultrasound would work for me. However, this is a very practical tool for those who are unable to see. Other effects that this machine may have are that it can show parents who are considering abortion that their child is a human being. While this is a controversial topic, it is inevitable that anti-abortionists will use this machine to voice their opinion about the issue of abortion. This could very well change many minds about the topic of abortion.


One thought on “Abler Review

  1. This was a great post that clearly summarized your opinions and views about the device. However, I feel that you could have written more about how the device looks and how it affects our senses. Also, I would have liked to read about the potential shortfalls of the device and hear your opinion on why you think 3D sonograms should not replace the traditional tests. I thought your last point involving the subject of abortion was interesting and thought-provoking. Well done!


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