Crowdpilot or Autopilot?

Lauren McCarthy’s Crowdpilot is an app that allows someone to enlist the help of his/her friends for conversation starters in silent situations. While this app is similar to how you can group message on many smart phones, it is still much different as there is a specific subject that is being discussed rather than just an open conversation. This app allows open conversation and suggestions from friends directly to the person in the conversation-lacking situation. Some might find this helpful on a date or when meeting a new person, but there could be much controversy around this new app considering the other people in the real conversation have no idea that their entire conversation is being broadcasted to an outside party that they most likely don’t even know. While some people may not have a problem with it, many people would likely feel violated or even uncomfortable that there is a group of people he/she does not know that is basically in the conversation.

An app like this really exemplifies the dependence that people currently have on technology. It’s hard to believe that someone would need a smartphone app just to have a conversation with somebody. We have become so dependent on technology to help with the littlest things from directions, to spelling corrections, and now telling us how to have a conversation with someone. Texting has also become the new major trend as opposed to calling which makes us even less communicative with our peers. McCarthy’s app takes every technological dependence we have and turn it into something productive that can help us achieve a goal. Many may reconsider their addiction to their cell phone after using this app, but many will most likely just shrug it off and keep using their smartphone apps excessively per usual.


One thought on “Crowdpilot or Autopilot?

  1. This piece was good! I think a way to make it stronger would to be to add in some personal stuff about a certain type of sisal media you use such as facebook or twitter. Giving another example like this could help to make it a stronger piece. Nice job though!


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