New Social Media Apps

Social Media was once hailed as the next generation of interactions between people, however today its reputation is much different. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Yik-Yak are now hailed as anti-social networks. They have worked to isolate people and trick them into thinking they are being social while in the end they are alone and simply posting about things to people who probably don’t even know them that well or care too much. Also, social networks have also become tools for bullying and attacking all kinds of people. This is very dangerous and is leading young kids to be isolated over the Internet. As the world becomes more connected social networks are working to replace actual human contact.   There is however a growing push from people and a group of whole new technologies which are trying to reintroduce old school conversations and traditional interactions

One app that is working along these lines is Crowdpilot. Crowdpilot works by combing the new social technology with old school social interaction. You can have you friends listen in on your conversation and then offer you suggestions as conversation starters or tips. While this encourages conversation for those who are socially awkward, it still relies on a person being too consumed in their phone and not having their whole attention paid to the conversation or the person in front of you. It is also sad that an app like this even needs to be a necessity in todays world. People used to be able to talk on their own but clearly the continued reliance on traditional social media has worked to erode some of our social skills and graces. While I praise the founder of this app for finding a need for a product and developing it, it is something I hope will not be a band aid for a long term problem.

Another app that is looking to get people to increase face to face socialization is Interact. The app basically works by allowing you to post a message of something you would like to do and it is an open invitation for strangers to join you. For example, you may be sitting alone and want someone to share lunch with. You would simply put the invitation on the app and wait for someone to show up. This app I believe is a much better solution then the first one because it use the power of technology to bring people together and then once they are together, they are just allowed to be people. At the same token this is very dangerous if those who are put in the system are not properly vetted. For the reasons of safety concerns I have a feeling this app will not be able to catch on.


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