Why are people so scared of human interaction?

Social media these days has made people extremely complacent during social interactions. Popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr have made people extremely reliant on others to make social decisions for themselves. This is exactly the case with Lauren McCarthy’s Crowdpilot and Inneract. All of these social media apps are creating an environment where people can’t make social decisions without the help of millions of other people using the app. Social media apps should make you more confident in your abilities to talk to other people, but they in fact do the opposite. The fact that they make the opposite effect happen is why social media apps are so profitable and popular.

Let’s start with comparing the more popular of these social apps like Facebook. Facebook, as well as the other more popular apps, has made people complacent in meeting others. The culture of “Facebook Stalking” is alive and well. Maybe even before you decide to meet a person in real life you will stalk their Facebook profile to see you even want to meet them in the first place. On a daily basis, people can look you up on these social media websites and consistently judge who you are as a person before even seeing you face to face. Also, users of social media love to bring their problems to the Internet before even asking a single person. Why has everyone become so scared of social interaction? It’s because of social media, and Lauren McCarthy’s apps scare people from more social interaction to an extreme point.

Lauren McCarthy’s apps like Crowdpilot and Inneract have created an environment where it’s not socially acceptable anymore to even be alone, or not understand what to do. With Crowdpilot, you can ask for help during situations and random people can offer tips on how to help deal with your problem. Why not just ask the people you’re in the situation with? What happened to common human interaction? With Inneract, people can post what they want to do and people within their area can choose to interact with that person in this way. Why not just ask someone normally? Why not introduce yourself to a random person? All these questions can be simply answered by saying that humans have simply become scared of human interaction. Maybe it’s because of social pressures not to interact with strangers or maybe it’s people’s innate awkwardness or lack of social smarts, but I believe that social media has a larger role in people’s fear of human interaction than any other one of these factors.


One thought on “Why are people so scared of human interaction?

  1. I thought you brought up many interesting points. I specifically agree with your point that social media has instilled a kind of fear in people, restricting them to freely interact with one another face-to-face. However, I found it difficult to follow along your ideas as the structure of the post caused some confusion. Also, I encourage you to look over your last paragraph as some sentences could be rephrased such as when you are trying to prove your point by incorporating a question. Overall, I loved the tone in your writing and thought this was an engaging post!


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