‘Crowdpilot’ app

We all have friends who tell us their problems in their relationships. We all have best friend or we may be those best friends who are extremely concerned about our relationship and are willing to give advice. But sometimes those seemingly well designed suggestions do not work in real situation because real scenario varies and are so unpredictable. Imagine yourself in a awkward moment when you just can’t pick up what your partner say when you are dating, all of a sudden a voice of your friend just lingering around the air telling you what to do next. Isn’t it great to have a savior around you all the time while you are dating?
This is how I consider the app Crowdpilot to be. It is an amazing app helping people in a convenient way how to behave appropriately to make the date go well. It not only allows you to invite your close friend to be secretly involved in your conversation but also strangers. It lets you gather your social interactions by bringing people you know or you don’t know along to listen in and assist you behind the scene. It’s like those outside filming scene where the archor stuffed in the ear phone to do what people in the control center say.
I believe it is completely different from a successful app called Tinder. Tinder serves more as matchmaker whereas Crowdpilot is more of an advisor. Tinder offers a platform to match their clients by introducing them to those who are nearby based on the geographical location, mutual friends and personal interests. Tinder has updated its functions over time as to cater clients’ need, like adding ephemeral photo feature.
But personally I won’t use these app to assist me in my real life. Dating someone and being involved in a relationship with someone is rather personal. It would be uncomfortable for me to let so many other irrelevant people interfere in my personal relationship even though they might listen in to your conversation with practical advise. More importantly, my information seems to exposed to public and there won’t be any safe space for my relationship. My main concern is the safety of personal information. It could easily leak out without the victim noticing. Right now, most people using smartphone have no clue whether the apps they use are secure since all the apps require clients to fill in personal information. However insecure they are , most people are still obsessed with their apps. And more and more app developers are focusing on the security system of their apps, which is a pleasant trend to see.
Nowadays, it is pretty amazing to see that matchmakers are more technology based. In the old days, people set other people up within limited source of that person. However, things change as technology developes so fast. Today our lifestyle is changing dramatically because of the way we use technology and apply the technology in each corner of our life. Sometimes we underestimated the role social networking apps play in our social life probably due to the lack of awareness of the permeating social media. But those technology advancements changed our view and created new perspective of world for us.


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