Social media : face to face interaction vs Text/message/mail

I have been using Facebook since 2007 and I’m pretty sure our generation got addicted to messaging and texting around that time. later on I started using Twitter and Instagram as well but throughout my socializing experience through these sites and apps I can assert that people are a lot different in person and sometimes people look completely different in person as compared to how they look on their profile. A lot of times people meet each other on Facebook and have conversations for a long time. but when they actually meet, their whole personality can turn out to be completely different.

I feel Lauren Mcarthy’s Crowdpilot and Inneract are two apps that encourage face to face interaction and gives people moments of happiness. I’m not trying to say that these apps are better than Facebook or Twitter when it comes to socializing. I’m just trying to say that building up a relationship having face to face conversations is going to be a truer and a more real relationship than that built up through long conversations over text.

posting stuff like “High five me”, “listen to this song with me” and then people actually showing up to do it is a more appealing form of socializing to me. It also might just help you find people who have common interests with you that might eventually turn into good friendships. In conclusion, Inneract and Crowdpilot are actually apps that support and encourage face to face interaction

2 thoughts on “Social media : face to face interaction vs Text/message/mail

  1. I agree with Rohan when he has to say that these are not better than facebook or twitter but are definitely more appealing forms of socializing. Its good to see that he used examples in his post to show the different ways in which people are trying to socialize. Also the fact that he wrote about his experience with facebook, twitter and instagram gives a personal touch to the blog post.


  2. Good essay. You did an excellent job at juxtaposing social media sites like Facebook and Twitter with Crowdpilot and Inneract. I also completely agree with you when you say that face to face conversations build stronger relationships. Would you say that Tinder is more closely related to Cowdpilot and Inneract or Facebook and Twitter? Although it seems kind of sad that people nowadays need an app to meet up with other people.


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