2 thoughts on “Advocacy for Same-sex Marriage

  1. I really liked your game. The topic is definitely one that is in the news a lot currently, and your game allows me, and all the users, to look at the issues from a different perspective. Your game breaks down the debate that is whether or not same-sex marriage should be allowed. By asking simple/yes or no questions, the game isolates the argumentative areas of the topic so that people are able to make a decision easily and form an opinion bit by bit. I think that all simple coding/game sites are a good way to break down the decision-making process, and your game succeeded in doing that!


  2. I think that your game was extremely interesting and promotes self reflection. It makes the player think about every yes/no answer that they choose and in this way makes it easier for them to make a decision rather than just asking a big question directly. This topic is one of importance and I think you have managed to break it down very well.


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