Inneract & Facebook

Facebook for me has always been a way of keeping my family and friends up to date as to what I am doing in my life and where I am at. Facebook is the primary source people use to see how I am doing in college by looking at my pictures and reading my posts. Very rarely, or at least I hope very rarely, is someone looking at my posts and pictures that I do not know. I have my account set to private in hope of only people I know see what my social media activities and updates consist of. I am not on facebook to meet new people and I am definitely not looking to meet up with anyone I have never met before. McCarthy’s Inneract on the other hand is meant for just that.

 Inneract allows people to send requests out to anyone else using the app in hopes of them wanting to do a similar activity with them. For example, someone on Inneract could shoot out a message saying “I want to go to the movies” and anyone else using the app could then accept their request and go see that movie with them. Facebook is not like this. Though you can message people who you may not know and ask them to do things with you, that is not its prime reason for existence. Facebook exists to give people an online account so others can see it and learn more about them.

Inneract may not be a bad thing though. Without considering the potential dangers of meeting up with unknown strangers, it could be a great way for people to get outside of their comfort zones and meet new people. Trying a new food with someone or visit a museum none of your friends want to go to might not have seemed plausible in the past but now we can! With the touch of a button, we can be on our way to doing a new activity with a new person.

But what does this mean for the interactions we are use to having now? Will phone calls to friends or trips out to lunch with your family soon end because you can go whenever and wherever with Inneract? My guess is no. Despite the apps appeal of being new and interesting, nothing can beat spending time doing things you love with the people you love. As fun and exciting as meeting new people can be, there is nothing better then being together with the people you already know and love.

One thought on “Inneract & Facebook

  1. I love the way you begin with the explanation of Facebook before you go into the explanation of the app; it really helps your readers get the full grasp on the concept of the app. You approach the good and the bad sides of the app and give your readers the opportunity to decide whether it is something that they like which I think was a very smart decision. Your prediction in the end adds a good amount of thought for your readers to consider and wraps up the blog well.


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