Lady Fingers

This storyline features a dark story of a women and her spiral to insanity. All options chosen lead to the same ending, which illustrates how insanity is something that can’t be avoided, but there are different ways to be eased into it.

Twine: Begin Here


One thought on “Lady Fingers

  1. I am unable to open the game in order to play it. However, from the description in your blog post and the elaboration in class, it sounds like a very interesting game. What makes your game idea so intriguing is the creativy and uniqueness of the idea of a lady going insane from losing all of her fingers because this is not a common way that people go crazy ( not that I’m aware of anyhow). Although morbid and with dark humor, I never would have come up work a game like this. Addressing insanity as a social issue via “Lady Fingers” successfully communicates your main point, I believe; insanity is variable and unavoidable for those prone to it when given the right environment.


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