One thought on “Lifeguarding Day 1

  1. According to your game, I’d be a terrible lifeguard, either that, or Ward is a boss that you can just simply never please. The pictures that you added into your game/(story?) were well placed. They helped give an accurate visual of what was going on in each scene. I also liked how the scenario was realistic, but not to the point where the topic was so mundane that I was bored. I was personally able to connect to this game, being a camp counselor at an equestrian camp, I was able to relate to the kids running around while also endangering themselves. I was brought back to the times where I could almost see the life of my camper flashing before my eyes while they were going against counselor instructions.

    I wasn’t able to go through the game and get every type of scenario, so I have to wonder, was there a way to actually win? Or was I doomed to fail each time? The only critique I would add is that with each click it seemed that no matter what I would choose, I would lose, and in the long-term, that would make this something I wouldn’t play multiple times.


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