Twine Game

I may have missed the purpose of the social issue aspect…but I spent a lot of time on the “game” and added a couple pictures.


2 thoughts on “Twine Game

  1. I think it is very interesting how you make a point in a very subtle way about the current state of affairs. A teacher who makes an ignorant comments cant actually be reprimanded in real life and arguing will likely only make things worse. This is a metaphor for society as a whole and how the weaker and ignorant points are popular and can have nothing be don about it.


  2. I think the pictures added something to the game that others may not have had. It was clear that you had many different paths that led in many different directions. You could expand on this game even more, and you could have more majors to take. You could even have an option that lets you choose which school you want to. You could incorporate these ideas if you choose to revise this for your final project. Overall this game was well done.


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