Twine Game

I know this link does not work and I’m unsure why. I am emailing Claire to figure out what is wrong, hopefully I will be able to figure this out before the weekend is over, I just wanted to post this before 9.


2 thoughts on “Twine Game

  1. Lydia,
    I really like the simplicity of your story. I think a lot of people think they are good parents and / or that parenting is easy, and this game does a great job of proving that both are not the case. You show the difficulty of reading these social situations with little kids and then making a decision. There are a couple places where you could have added some sort of resolution to the story rather than just leaving the page blank. Other than that, it may have been nice to see one or two places where the player gets stuck in some sort of cycle, but that is just a stylistic critique, and by no means necessary.


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