Why Crowd Pilot is a REALLY BAD App

In light of today’s social media, CrowdPilot seems to take social interaction a bit farther than other social media apps such Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Facebook and the like provide a space for mini blogging of sorts (all of your life’s sentiments in however many characters or less). However, even within this range of space, one is allowed a certain amount of liberty and space to do whatever it is they please to – post pictures, comment, like, retweet, share. While much information is shared on Facebook, there is still a level of privacy maintained. A person will only know what someone chooses to post. There is also creative liberty; people put much thought into what they post, often choosing social as an artistic and expressive outlet. In whatever way people use social media, it requires level of thought and planning on their end to project the image of themselves they want the world to see. CrowdPilot ruins this completely. It is an app that allows another person to do all of another person’s thinking for them, down to what they should say in a conversation. Crowdpilot is the awkward third wheel peeping in on his friend’s date and offering advice because he can’t find his own. This app will create a generation of people incapable of dealing with the interactions and emotions everyone experiences in life because they will rely on the help of others to interact for them. I already believe social media is not great, but CrowdPilot (not really understanding how the name relates to app) will destroy social interaction altogether by blotting out genuine interaction with the opinions or “advice” of others.


One thought on “Why Crowd Pilot is a REALLY BAD App

  1. I actually had the same thoughts when I stumbled upon the app ‘CrowdPilot’. I like how you compared it to many other forms of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (the “big three” of social media). This allowed me, the audience, to connect more with your paper, since I have all three of the aforementioned forms of social media. I appreciated how you took the information you collected from your analysis of ‘CrowdPilot’ and applied it to the future by creating a hypothesis. Although I feel you are too extreme with your emotions, a passionate writer is 100 times more efficient than an apathetic one!


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