McCarthy’s Apps

Crowdpilot is a networking program in which you explain a situation and then receive advice for it. For example, you could write that you are at dinner with a date and don’t know what to say. Then other people on the app would respond with advice and questions that you could ask the person that would hopefully get the conversation going. Another way people use it is to just ask for advice about plain everyday situations in their lives. One of the strangest examples of this is that during the advertisement, one of the situations that someone is asking about is of a mom asking for advice about her daughter wanting to have a tea party. Inneract is an app that you can use to basically invite other people to hang out with you. An example from the commercial is that of a man eating a sandwich who then asks if anyone wants to share it with him. In minute another person shows up to share his lunch with him.

Both of these apps are pretty weird to me. The only social media I use is Facebook and Twitter, which to me are both very different from Lauren McCarthy’s apps. McCarthy’s apps are about getting conversation going and essentially helping people have conversations with other people while, in my opinion, Facebook and Twitter are more about keeping in touch with people. I think that it’s really sad that people find it necessary to use apps like these.

If I had to choose one of McCarthy’s apps to download and use, I’d probably be more likely to use Crowdpilot because it seems less creepy to me. The Inneract app is more creepy because you are literally meeting a stranger that you know nothing about who spends time on the weird app. In a way, it reminds me of a quicker and weirder version of on online dating because you just meet up instead of getting to know each other first.

The invention of these apps only furthers to prove that we, as a society, have gone too far down the technology road that we find if difficult to meet other people in real life and can’t even have a conversation with other people without strangers “helping” and putting their two cents in. In general, I hope that people look at this app and realize that there’s a problem with the way our society functions. The lack of basic communication skills and need for technology is borderline pathetic in that grown adults shouldn’t need help with basic skills like these.


2 thoughts on “McCarthy’s Apps

  1. I completely agree with your view of these two apps. They are so interactive with strangers to a level that I am not sued to and I am not comfortable with. The idea of inviting complete strangers into your life for advice and to hang out seems completely creepy to me. This could also be compared to the app tinder. Tinder is somewhere between a dating app and McCarthy’s apps where you either swipe right or left depending on whether you want to talk to someone and then the other person does the same thing. If both of you swipe right you are able to talk to each other. These three apps are comparable and somewhat strange and creepy in some ways.


  2. I completely agree with your view on these two apps. I too believe that the use of these apps shows the downfalls on society as a result of technology. I really like the organization of your argument- how you went from describing the app, so the reader has full knowledge, to then giving your opinion in order to better prove your point. One piece of advice for future pieces of writing would be to be less repetitive. At time it felt like you repeated yourself, but i’m not sure if that was to strengthen your point.


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