My movie is based off of the reading “A Brief History of Scent”.

The movie takes place 25 years in the future and is a fictional documentary that centers around a company called “Scentsations”. Scentsations is a company that has the ability to create any scent someone wants. For example, often times people have the ability to be taken back in time to a certain place or are reminder of a certain person when they smell a certain smell. Or maybe people have a specific smell that reminds them of their childhood home but cannot pinpoint what that exact smell is. Scentsations has the ability to take people’s descriptions of the certain smell they want to be reminded of and can replicate a bottle of the same exact scent.

The documentary would first focus on how the company came to be. The creator had lost his mother when he was young but ever now and then would be reminded of her through a certain smell. Through the help of his scientist friend, they were able to replicate the smell and now the creator has the ability to be reminded of his mother’s presence through smell. He thought it could be a positive thing that others would want to and so “Scentsations” was born.

The documentary would then focus of several different customers and their experiences with buying a product from Scentsations. An example would be a customer who wanted a bottle of the smell that reminded her of her summer camp when she was younger. Being in the bunk had a smell she could never quite put her “nose” on but through the help of Sensations and  their team, they were able to create the unique scent that brought back those great memories of her days at camp.

Scentsations can make their smells into air freshers, perfumes, candles and more. Their whole focus is about creating whatever the customer wants that will bring them positive emotions from their unique smell.

This movie would be a smash hit for a couple of reasons. One reason is that everyone can relate to this in some way. Personally, the smell of cigarette smoke and chocolate chip cookies always reminds me of my grandparents house. While I doubt Yankee Doodle sells “Cigarette & Cookie” candles, Scentsations would be able to produce this smell just for me. I believe many people would also have this same idea. Another reason I think this would be a good idea is because nothing like this exists right now. As of right now, the only time we get to smell these smells and be taken back to these memories are when we smell them by chance. Now, we can deliberately cause ourselves to be taken back to these memories. Finding another way to make oneself happy is always a sure fire plan.

One thought on “Scentsations

  1. I loved your idea for the company and the documentary about it. While reading your blog and your descriptions, I could even imagine the scent that I would want to be replicated if this was a real company. I would definitely watch your movie if I was out as well. I think you blog related back to the article that we read really well and grasped the idea that the article was trying to explain well also. Wish this was a real movie!


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