“Brief History of Scent”

If I were to make a movie based off of an article from this week I would choose “Brief History of Scent.” I would choose this because everyone can relate to scent and knows and understands what it is like to experience smell. While smell and the ability distinguish different scents is normal, many people don’t cherish the importance and true gift of it. If I were to make a movie based off of this I would make it a romance-drama. It would have two main characters, a man named Robert and a woman named Charlotte, who are wildly in love. Charlotte is a famous and gifted chef and is also the owner of a world-renowned restaurant called Amor. Charlotte is so talented that people travel all around the world to come and eat one of her dishes. The movie would begin with scenes of her working in her restaurant one late snowy night in January. Then Robert would come and pick her up from work to take her back home. However, on the way home, they would hit an icy snowy patch on the road and their car would go skidding into traffic. The next scene would be three days later, in the hospital with Charlotte in a hospital bed hooked up to tubes and with Robert sleeping by her side dangling a pair of glasses in his fingers. A few minutes later, Charlotte would wake up only to panic because she can’t see or feel anything. Robert would calmly deliver the news that she fractured her spine so her arms are paralyzed and her eyes were hurt in the accident so she can’t see. Charlotte would of course freak out and begin to panic because she thinks that she’ll never be able to cook or even live a decent life without her eyesight and arms. Fast forward to August, only eight months after the accident, a scene with Charlotte, first stepping back into her restaurant again would occur. When she steps in, she would begin to step around and into the kitchen with the help of Robert. At first she’s scared and starts to cry because she thinks that she’ll never be able to cook again, but then Robert would come up with a brilliant idea. He would her that she can cook by using her sense of smell to put different ingredients together and come up with new recipes. Now fast-forwarding to Thanksgiving Day, the movie would end with Charlotte in her kitchen at home telling Robert what to do and put together in making the Thanksgiving Feast. While this explanation of the movie is very brief, the actual movie would run for about one hour and forty minutes and would have more drama, and tear-jerking moments.

The movie would be a critical hit because it goes in to depth about how humans can recognize different scents and how we associate scents with flavors and different things. It could be a commercial hit because it would have drama and romance and would move the audience to tears at times but also put smiles on their faces in others. It would also be a hit because viewers would leave with a newfound appreciation for what they have, and especially their sense of smell and ability to detect scent.

One thought on ““Brief History of Scent”

  1. Even though your explanation of the movie was short, i think the explanation gave enough detail in order to try and persuade an audience that the movie would be a hit, without outlining every detail. I also really liked the idea of your movie, you used the main idea of the article however didn’t make the movie solely about the article, but a romance. One thing I would comment on for next time is adding a little bit more about how the movie may be a hit.


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