Fuller’s Food Movie

“You Call This Thai Food? The Robotic Taster Will Be the Judge,” by Thomas Fuller depicts a robot that can rate Thai food in order to determine if it is up to standards. The invention behind fuller’s article has the potential to turn into a popular fictional movie.

A great storyline for a movie is similar to that of a book, the storyline includes rising action, a climax and falling action. A movie based around a robot taste tester has the potential to form this great storyline. Imagine the movie beginning in the scene of restaurant where a group of people are sitting at table enjoying their food when all of a sudden one begins to complain about the lack of flavor in their pasta. It just so happens that the individual at the table that didn’t like their food is aspiring to be a famous scientist. After leaving the meal, she stays up all night trying to devise some invention that has the potential to rank restaurant food before it leaves the kitchen to ensure all diners will be satisfied. She pitches her idea to the director of the company she works for, an engineering company, and the director believes the idea will fail and refuses to invest in it. After hours and endless sleepless nights, she finally comes up with a taste tester robot that has the potential to help food industries around the nation. She shows her boss the invention, and her boss automatically wants to invest in it now, but she decides to leave the company and promote the product on her own. In the end she becomes incredibly famous and food industries around the country now give better quality of food to diners.

This movie would become very popular for many reasons. To start with,                                                                           most people enjoy watching a movie where the underdog becomes famous and this is the main principle of this film. Not only would this movie appeal to viewers who enjoy that storyline, but also viewers who are interested in science. This movie caters to science because it would depict the process of how the machine was made, and all the trials that the creator went through in order to perfect the machine. However, the movie not only appeals to the average viewer, and those who like science, but those who enjoy historical type movies. The invention in this movie, would have a large impact on the society in the movie. Therefore, someone interested in history or culture in general would enjoy watching this movie, because they would be able to analyze it from that perspective. Overall, a great movie is one that is popular because it targets many different audiences and a movie based around this experiment would have that impact.

2 thoughts on “Fuller’s Food Movie

  1. A very interesting movie concept, I like how you found your inspiration in a modern article, it adds a lot to the believability to the idea of a taste tasting robot. However I think the concept needs some more narrowing out. Is it a creation story of this invention or an underdog success story? Both are present in the concept however I cannot judge which one is the dominant plot aspect.


  2. I think that you wrote an interesting blog post here. One suggestion that I have for you is to write with defined structure. For example, it would help clarify your thought if you separated the paragraph you wrote about plot into smaller sections. Perhaps, you could have made the division by separating the plot by beginning, middle, and end. Nevertheless, I think your justifications for why your movie would be popular are very valid. I couldn’t agree more that people especially like movies where the underdog is successful. I do, however, wish you discussed further the historical appeal of the movie as that is slightly unclear. Overall, I enjoyed reading about your idea.


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