When you think of the future what do you imagine? “The future” is a very vague term. It can mean two seconds from now or ten years. Imagine 200 years from now. What are some characteristics of that future? People may wear strange clothes or drive flying cars. When I think of the future I mostly think of the technology we will have, not the food we will be eating.

There are many movies set in the far future. Often times these movies like to imagine a post apocalyptic world where there is some type of divide in the population. There are few movies that are on future food sources. There are not many movies about future food sources because the topic does not interest a large audience. What if one could make a movie that has both of these themes?

This movie would be set in a future that is roughly 50-100 years from now. In order to connect with the audience the movie has to amaze them with the future, but it needs feel believable and familiar.

In this movie the world would be on the brink of war. Tensions between the US and other countries have led to the cease of all trade. Countries try to grow their own food, but they cannot feed their people. There is starvation and malnutrition. A company rises that creates a liquid called “Soylent.” Soylent gives a person all the necessary nutrients to support life. At first the company seems harmless, but the audience learns that its employees were hired to spy on the US. Later in the movie tensions increase even more till there is a nuclear war and a majority of the world’s population dies. Those who were lucky enough were able to find shelter before the surface of the Earth got destroyed. The last scene is a family coming out from hiding and all they see is a wasteland. There are no trees, no building, and no people. They walk around aimlessly until they stumble on a house. They go in the house to look for anything left. They open a kitchen cabinet, and they see a bag marked in bold letters “SOYLENT.”

This movie would have a Big Brother type feel to it. The message from the last scene is that no matter what happens, Soylent prevails. This movie theme combines both food and apocalyptic society. It is a new idea that is unique. Because it is different yet familiar, it would be very popular.


3 thoughts on “Soylent

  1. I really like your idea! If you are going to rework this to use it in your portfolio, I would take out the “I” statements and merely write it as a blurb for a movie. I picture the middle section to appear in the description of a movie to find out what it’s about. If you leave your post how it is, I’m not sure where you would really find this piece in the real world. I think this is a great idea, especially if you edit it and target a movie-going audience!


  2. I think that your movie idea is very interesting. It would be a unique movie because as you explained, most futuristic movies focus on technology and not food sources. Although your movie is set in the future, it does have some realistic aspects to it. It is not completely unbelievable that countries on the brink of war would cease trade amongst themselves. I could also see a company like Soylent trying to take advantage of these countries when they are in a time of need. You could definitely rework this blog post in order to put it in your portfolio by making it into a movie description that one would find online or in a magazine.


  3. This is a very interesting proposal and I think you did a great job introducing the topic. Not only did you do a great job introducing the topic and setting it within a unique context, you gave it a surprising spin. Although countries ceasing trade between themselves is a far fetched idea, you posed it in a convincing way. The movie seems believable in this post, and the reality of soylent (it’s typical consumers and affect on social behavior) prevails. This should definitely be one of the posts you rework, there is a lot of potential, space to improve and details to add.


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