The End of Social Eating

Movie pitch based on The End of Food by Lizzie Widdicombe:

We have all seen movies about the end of the world brought on by various different scenarios such as a zombie apocalypse, war, catastrophes in nature, etc. But have we ever imagined our lives without food? Have we ever stopped to think that we spend most of our day either thinking about food or eating it. Food is the way we socialize, the way we escape from our work and has become a lifestyle. But what is the main reason we eat food? It isn’t because of the taste but because our body needs certain nutrients to keep us alive. This movie will describe the life of a man named Rob Rhinehart who invents an alternative to normal food, known as Soylent, which provides only the essential nutrients required for us to stay healthy with no unnecessary extra ingredients. This movie will follow his life journey and the unexpected consequences that he had to face because of his invention.

It will begin with the story behind the invention, which was that Rhinehart had no money to spend on food and hence decided to come up with this economical alternative to buying food which significantly  cut down his costs. Then the quick development of the product will be shown. What I really want to focus on is the social impact of his invention. A time lapse moving to ’15 years later’ will show that the entire world is now living only on Soylent and Rhinehart has become the most famous and successful inventors of all time. He has solved hunger problems around the world. But what he did not expect was that humans were not social animals anymore. Nobody had the time for each other because they had so much energy to focus on work. Nobody had to take out time everyday to eat and hence their interactions with other humans had depleted to almost none.

We have seen movies about technology taking over people’s lives and decreasing face-to-face interaction. This movie will show how removing food from our lives takes away the most important way in which humans communicate and depict another way in which life as we know it can completely change.

2 thoughts on “The End of Social Eating

  1. Interesting movie idea, Sakshi. Your plot clearly reflects the actual story, and I like that about the movie. The movie reminds me of the Soylent ad that we watched in class– both showing how the mixture can be used in real life and the effects of it on the body and one’s lifestyle. Your movie takes the stance that Soylent will revolutionize the world and bring everyone on board with the new way of eating. In reality, I’m curious as to whether or not this will actually occur, but as a movie plot, anything is feasible! I like the connection between Soylent and a new piece of technology, and I think it’s an accurate connection. If you were to revise this, I would go into more detail about what makes the drink so revolutionary. Great job!


  2. The author has a very interesting idea for a movie. We never really sit and think about how big of a part consuming food has in our daily lives. We also don’t consider how we have made eating a very social event. Given the chance, many people would like to eat with others, and it is interesting how the author picks up on this aspect of our society. The author could have gone into a bit more detail about how humans would become an antisocial species, as it seems to be loose connection between not eating as a social event and loss of socialization.


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