Reverse “Super Size Me”

Do you remember the movie “Super Size Me”? This documentary is going to be the exact opposite of that. In “Super Size Me” there are cameras that follow around a man who eats only McDonalds for one month. This movie will be based on a person who only drinks their meals for one month. It will chronicle the journey of a person who drinks Soylent and his/her struggles and successes with this product.

Soylent is a man-made concoction of vitamins, minerals, macronutrients, and micronutrients. The creators of Soylent report that “drinking Soylent was saving time and money: food costs had dropped from four hundred and seventy dollars a month to fifty” (Widdicombe). One of the creators of Soylent even said that ‘“I feel like the six million dollar man. My physique has noticeably improved, my skin is clearer, my teeth whiter, my hair thicker and my dandruff gone. I haven’t eaten a bite of food in thirty days, and it’s changed my life”’ (Widdicombe). However, Soylent may have some drawbacks as one Witticombe describes her experience in passing her usual bagel shop with envy. She saw the other people indulging in this experience and was very jealous. She realized the health benefits of Soylent but missed the act of eating food, especially good food.

This documentary would could raise many questions to the public about what they really should be eating but it would also make them aware of any difficulties that come along with completely flipping their diet upside-down in order to drink Soylent for every meal. Changing someone’s whole diet to Soylent would be very hard but this documentary would be the first to show how it would affect a person. Compared to “Super Size Me”, this movie would show the exact opposite experiment.

This movie would have great success in the pubic but it would also be shown in every health class across the nation. “Super Size Me” was shown in many health classes in order to show what not to do in terms of eating habits. As a result of this movie, at least in my high school, many people no longer went near fast food because of the terrible effects on the man in “Super Size Me.” In comparison this documentary would be shown along with “Super Size Me” in many health classes in order to show a way that people can be healthy. The moral of this movie would not be that drinking all meals with Soylent is the right solution for everybody and their lifestyle but it would give people another idea of what healthy eating could look like. I am interested in seeing how people would react to this documentary and how it would change their eating habits. I think that it would cause people to see the errors of their ways of eating and getting nutrients and cause some groups of people to begin to drink Soylent but others to just change their eating habits to include more vegetables and the right amounts of nutrients, minerals, macronutrients, and micronutrients.

One thought on “Reverse “Super Size Me”

  1. I like the idea for this documentary and how you framed it. By comparing it to “Supersize Me” I was able understand which social issues you wanted to cover and expand on with your documentary, even if you didn’t explicitly say in the post which issues you wanted to cover. I wonder if this was actually turned into a documentary if it would have an effect on the views people have on eating disorders since I’m sure that multiple people would switch to Soylent because they think it is a reasonable to way to diet and lose weight. Instead of showing people the downsides of eating too much of the wrong thing, show them what it is like to not eat at all, the void that they would have in their lives. I think that your idea for a documentary would also expose the way that American culture views food and dining. Whether, as a whole if Americans view eating as something that we’re forced to do, or something that we do enjoy. Overall, I think that if your idea was turned into a documentary, I think that it would end up being really interesting, exposing, and informative.


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