Soylent: The End of Food!

The article tells the readers and explains to them what ‘Soylent’ is and how it came into existence. With the story reading in that particular manner people almost instantly connect with movies like ‘Social Network’, which describe the struggle of the people and the story behind the biggest global startups of this generation. These people are generally college dropouts or have just graduated with no visible future of a job or any reliable source of income. The story presented in the ‘New Yorker’ article isn’t very different.

If made into a movie it would start with the three roommates sitting in their flat in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco down to their last few thousand dollars wondering how to get by after that ran out. The three roommates then do what they are best at, developing a new software or app but that they know will take time and in the meantime they would have to manage their budget. They rack their brains behind it but they knew that they would have to clear the rent as a sunk cost and the biggest problem would be food. They, however, did have an advantage over the rest as they had no social life they had to splurge money on. The movie shows how they get by with working in different positions and postures day and night with only the scene at the back changing color, and discussing their new ideas and also worrying for the future.

For a while they get by on McDonald’s, cheap five-dollar pizzas and frozen foods from Costco, wondering for how long that arrangement would last. None of the three liked wasting time on food and it would be made clear to the audience with the size of the kitchen and the absent dishwasher. They start thinking that food is a bad waste of time and not even the most efficient way of getting nutrients into the body. One of the roommates, Rob Rhineheart who is most fed up with eating food, takes matters into his hands and starts researching on food and vital nutrients on all site with a reliable source and conjures a list of thirty five vital nutrients that is required in the right doses for survival. He then places an order for all those nutrients in powder or pill form on the Internet rather than buying foods related to those items.

When the package finally arrives he mixes all those powders and pills, adds water and makes squishy lemonade out of it and has it. That mixture does him a load of good. It clears his skin, his teeth became whiter and even his dandruff disappeared, but the best outcome of it was that his food costs dropped from four hundred and seventy dollars to just fifty. His roommates were skeptical at first but eventually after sometime they also gave in and the squishy lemonade, which Rob had named ‘Soylent’ came into existence.

Rob and his roommates then thought that this product had the potential to become a company and they leave software and turn to nutrition. They initially start selling themselves at the price of sixty-five dollars in order to start making it commercially.

The movie then would come to an end with Rob giving an interview for the future aspirations he has for Soylent.


One thought on “Soylent: The End of Food!

  1. I too chose to write about this article and how I would make it into a movie, however we took very different approaches. Your movie description seems to follow the article very closely, leading me to believe that it would be a documentary versus a fictional film. I really liked your detailed depictions of the set, but thought there needed to be a bit more of a story line to add interest, or perhaps more emphasis on how Rhinehart would go about marketing Soylent. It was unclear whether or not this movie was meant to be strictly factual and informative, or whether it was meant for entertainment purposes. Do you want the audience to come away with knowledge and or interest in the product? Or perhaps question how Soylent will impact society?


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