The End of “Can I take you to dinner?”

From Widdicombe’s article, it sounds like the living quarters of the Soylent producers sounds like a weird free-for-all, a mixture of ingenious enginuity and penurious living styles. I would make a movie following the lives of one of the Soylent team workers, probably Dave Renteln. This movie would take on a Social Network type feel, showing the behind the scenes behind something that (potentially) will change our culture as a whole. The premise of the movie would be to follow Dave. This movie would very briefly start out when the team members are broke, and surviving off who knows what. Imagine the innumerable people that would be able to relate to being beyond broke. After showing their living situation, and showing just how little money these people have, we follow Dave, who Widdicombe describes as the Harvard rugby hunk of the team. Dave would end up meeting a girl, who unlike Dave, has a steady income and is able to fully support herself. The story would follow Dave trying to date this girl while trying to hide his lack of money, showing a funny, quirky, and cute series of making up random dates at the last minute to avoid going out to dinner or going out to Starbucks for a coffee date. Dave would end up living this double life, especially when he and his co-workers end up switching to eating(?) only Soylent. Him and his co-workers have become the ultimate cheapskates. His boss only owns two pairs of pants and avoids washing them by sticking them in the freezer. Needless to say, Dave, with his double life, will end up having difficulty hiding the life-style that him and his friends lead.

The way that the people in Widdicombe’s article live is so ridiculous it is to the point where is is almost humorous. Take that life-style and pair it with the right situation, and the product is an awkward result that audiences would be able to laugh at, and maybe even relate to from when they were broke themselves. This movie would be lighthearted and humorous, a perfect combination for a romantic combination.

One thought on “The End of “Can I take you to dinner?”

  1. I love your idea for this movie and I would not have come up with anything like it. The plot of the double life is very funny and just ridiculous enough to work. It is extremely creative and I think that you are right when you said that if you “take that life-style and pair it with the right situation, and the product is an awkward result that audiences would be able to laugh at”. This product is a bit ridiculous and showcasing this in a comedy would be an awesome way to show it off to the world. There are a few awkward sentences so just be careful of that when revising.


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