The End of Soylent

After reading the article “The End of Food,” I tried to imagine a world where culture and tradition associated with food do not exist; a world with no need for kitchens, dinner tables, and long grocery lists. This spine-chilling thought led to the development of my proposal and I assure you, you will not be disappointed.

The movie will take place in a fictional universe where Soylent, a powdery, nutrient-filled drink, was discovered and implemented in society early on in history. In this world, food is not viewed as a cultural act, but solely as a necessity that the body demands for survival. Food and cooking are frowned upon by the public and are viewed as wasting resources and valuable energy. A young boy in his teenage years will be the main character of the film. This boy has secretly developed a passion for food and begins experimenting through cooking and developing his own recipes. Since there are no kitchens and cooking tools in this alternate universe, the boy must build his own fires and innovate his own kitchen utensils and appliances. He decides to record his food creations in a journal and makes sure to keep his recipes hidden. One day his parents discover the journal and try to convince the boy to find another passion. The boy hesitates on whether to follow his parents’ advice and to stop conducting his experiments. After days of feeling lost and trying to find his place in life, he realizes that he must continue on his passion for cooking and share the wonders of food to the world. The boy comes across an advertisement of a prestigious invention competition. This competition is not your typical television show, but an event where contestants are given the opportunity to introduce their innovations and compete through many rigorous stages. This contest is extremely powerful as it is watched by the entire world and has the ability to trigger immense trends and fads. Moreover, the winning invention of the competition can ultimately change history, as it did with Solvent (which was also a past winning innovation). When the boy first enters this competition, he is mocked and ridiculed by the judges and the other contestants. They remind him that this competition is not a joke and should not be taken lightly. However, all these negative remarks are immediately put to an end after the judges taste his cooking. They are amazed by his recipes and are introduced to the cultural aspects surrounding food. The boy later wins the competition and makes “real” food a vast trend and changes the way the world views the purpose of eating. His journal filled with recipes is published as a cooking book and is read by millions of people. The movie ends with scenes of people cooking all over the world and the opening of the boy’s restaurant where he is able to freely practice his cooking.

I am confident that this movie will be a huge hit as it appeals to a wide range of audiences. The film will take place as an animation with a sci-fi setting, allowing for the entire family to enjoy this action-filled comedy. The movie would have a great comedic charm, as it would appeal to the audience when the boy stumbles through funny scenarios that would cause him to discover hundreds of our favorite recipes such as pasta, sushi, and pizza. It would also be funny to see the process of the boy making these simple, common-day meals through an almost caveman-like approach. Furthermore, many past award-winning movies, such as the Hunger Games series and Pitch Perfect, have proven the popularity of competition themed plot lines. Therefore, I believe that this movie has great potential and will allow the audience to reflect upon the purpose and meaning of food in his or her life.

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