Coca Cola Historical Ad Campaign

When I was trying to decide on a specific item to research I was in the Coca-Cola Museum with my roommate and she had the great idea that I should write my paper about coca-cola. It also helped that as I started my research I was coming across all these names I already knew due to the fact that they were names on the buildings at Emory University. As I researched Coca-Cola I began to come across a common theme of happiness and feeling good because of drinking this new soft drink. After looking through many advertisements for Coca-Cola starting around the 1900s, I was able to find a common theme in those as well, and as one would expect it was also happiness and feeling good.

The first advertisement, a printed article, has a slogan of The Pause for People-on-the-Go trying to cater to what people back then were already starting to be on the go. When someone sees this advertisement it looks as though it is directed to the middle age man or woman who is busy with work and may have needed a pick me up on the middle of the work day. Seeing the happy face of the man on the picture makes the person looking at the picture feel just as happy and want to buy the product. The picture also shows that this product is most likely something that people of all classes are able to enjoy. There would have been a positive connotation when looking at the advertisement as people want to have something that tastes good in a short amount of time meaning that they are able to get all of the other important things finished in their lives that were going on in the 1900s.

The second advertisement, I found on YouTube from the 1920s, and has a story line of these two men, one of whom stole the girl and the other one saw it happen and is trying to get her back. At the end, the man who is trying to save her succeeds and as they share a kiss a text appears on the screen saying Coca Cola Be the Hero. Just like a mini episode of a television show, the hero represents saving someone in order to make them happier and he is able to do that with the help of a Coca-Cola product. When watching this video, most likely made for someone who is watching a television show that probably had mysteries involved, the viewer is intrigued and going to watch the entire video before realizing that all of this was to advertise Coca-Cola which makes them suddenly want to buy the product when they see it on the screen. This advertisement would have been a successful way for Coca-Cola to sell there product as people are always supportive of the hero.

The last advertisement is other printed article containing the slogan, The Taste-Good Feeling, this advertisement continues to follow the theme of finding happiness while drinking the bottle. The happiness of the man in the picture is represented by the smile as the bottle touches his lips and his close eyes as he takes in the delicious taste of the soft drink. The article also uses one of their original slogans, Delicious and Refreshing, and the image allows the viewers to see that that is exactly how the man feels when drinking his Coca-Cola. This advertisement was probably seen by the general public as people of all ages were enjoying this soft drink daily. In the end, this advertisement would have been a success as people want to enjoy that good feeling just from drinking a soft drink.

Through all of the advertisements that I found when doing my research I believed that these three best represented the type of audience as age that Coca-Cola was targeting. For the most part, all ages, genders, and social classes were drinking Coca-Cola even when it was first being made. As well as for the time, all of the visuals are very easy to read and understand for a common person. I think that seeing these advertisements has helped me decide how I best can advertise the same product over a hundred years later using their same tactic; show people happiness.

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