Organic Advertisements

My historical object was originally different types of food specifically the difference between Organic and the GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). However GMOs are not something that are commonly advertised due to their negative connotations. Also due to the recent invention of GMOs and the emergence of organic culture none of the databases contained advertisements for either. As such I had to look elsewhere.

My first advertisement is a National Advertisement Campaign by Whole Foods. The advertisement shows a farmer walking away from the camera down his fields with the words “The Highest Standards Weren’t Available So We Created Them” along with some smaller informational text “Created with growers, scientists, and sustainable-agriculture experts, our Responsibly Grown rating system for fresh fruit and vegetables breaks new ground for sustainable growing practices.” The text reflects the ideology behind Whole Foods’ ad campaign, the organic standards that other companies use and the ones reflected by the USDA Organic logo on a good are not high enough for the standards of Whole Foods. The image of a farmer’s back as he walks down his fields as the fields drift smaller and smaller into the distance shows symbolism of time specifically how the farmer and Whole Foods with their new standards are walking into the future.

My second advertisement is part of the same National Advertisement Campaign by Whole Foods. This one shows A mother with her child on her shoulders in an agricultural setting with the words “Values Matter” written in front of them. “Values Matter” is the centerpiece and main catch phrase of Whole Foods campaign. The meaning behind “Values Matter” is explained on the side of the advertisement

“We’re hungrier for them than we ever realized.

We want to know where things come from.

We care what happens to them along the way.

We want to trust our sources.

We want to have the information to make meaningful choices

about what we decide to buy and support.

We want people, and animals, and the places

our food comes from to be treated fairly.

The time is ripe.

We are pare of a growing consciousness that’s bigger than food—

One that champions what’s good, and the greater good, too.

Where value is inseparable from values.”

The poem explains the meaning behind “Values Matter” however the poem requires a certain amount of background information.

Neither my first nor second advertisement ever used the word organic in their advertisement. Whole Foods only talks around therefore requiring those who are looking at the ad to not only know what they are but also make the connection to organic foods. Both ads require its customers to have a decent scientific awareness. The campaign expects consumers to pick up on their references to fair treatment of animals, preserving the environment, organic farming and sustainable farming without using any of those terms. The campaign is trying to entice consumers to buy the higher priced goods at Whole Foods, and the campaign is their argument as to why. The higher price of Whole Foods goods requires customers of a higher income class. My second ad in particular is directed towards mothers. This can bee seen by the usage of a mother and her child. It is trying to convince mothers to buy Whole Foods for their children referencing how it is better for them and will allow them to grow big and strong.

My third advertisement is a print ad by Horizon Organic. The advertisement shows the collection of offered Horizon Organic milks with the caption, “A happy, healthy family.” The caption is a play on words, referring to both the family of Horizon Organic milks and a human family, who a mother perhaps is buying milk for. The caption therefore makes the mother believe that she is making her family happy and healthy by buying Horizon Organic milk. The advertisement goes on to day, “Horizon Organic Milk is produced without the use of antibiotics added growth hormones or dangerous pesticides.”   This ad requires less scientific awareness than the previous ads however it still requires a certain amount. The ad is also directed towards a higher income class due to how the higher price of organic products.

All ads require a value in consumers in organic products, sustainable living, and a belief in the negative aspects of GMOs. They are also all directed towards the food buyer of the family, which is why the connotations towards mothers are present in the advertisements. All of the advertisements are print ads to be put up as a poster in a subways stop, an airport or something similar rather than show up in a magazine or on television or radio although they could be successful in a newspaper or magazine.

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2 thoughts on “Organic Advertisements

  1. I really liked how you talked about how for all the advertisements a scientific awareness was needed. i have seen many advertisements like the ones you describe, but never realized that they required any scientific knowledge, since I had taken science based courses in school. I also liked how you pointed out that all the advertisements were aimed toward mothers, revealing the gender stereotypes of our country. Overall it was very well written, but one suggestion I would have is to make your intro a little bit more specific to this topic.


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