While doing laundry one day, I imagined what was life before the washing machine. Just out of curiosity I checked the true date the washing machine came into existence and was surprised by the result. Though I didn’t get one particular date I did come across several advertisements related to the washing machine printed in nearly ancient times and I chose to do my historical advertisement paper on the washing machine.

The first advertisement that I came across belonged to a company called P. Mallory & Co. that had invented the automatic timer switch for the washing machine. At first I was kind of confused by looking at that advertisement because I did not see the requirement of an image of a Bombardier Jet, which was used during the war. It however piqued my interest and I continued to read the entire text. The advertisement stated that the automatic time switch was also used as a part on the Bombardier Jet and the advertisement was to declare that this switch would now be used only in washing machines, now that the war had gotten over. This advertisement shows that the main beneficiaries of adding this switch to the washing machine would be the housewives who were sick and tired of doing their laundry by hand.

The second advertisement is a black and white advertisement. The billboard with this advertisement appeared in 1946. This advertisement included all the functions of the washing machine including rinsing, drying and washing at the touch of a button. It targets the housewives. The ad shows a little girl peering which shows that handling the washing machine was easy and doable by even children of that age and you didn’t need someone with expertise and rough hands to work it or do the laundry. This advertisement shows the washing machine in the shape, form and size similar to what exists today.

The video advertisement I saw was one by whirlpool in 1956. The advertisement was childish and immature showing two puppets talking to an old woman. The advertisement showed that in those days there weren’t too many machines that were capable of being used as a washing machine or as a machine to reduce effort while doing laundry. In the advertisement while one puppet argues that there is no machine that she can use to ease her effort the other puppet brings out the whirlpool machine on her request showing to the audience and the viewers that on the contrary there existed such a machine in the market.

The fourth and the last advertisement that I found is probably the oldest piece of paper that I have ever come across which means the ad was even before World War 1 and before the time of Gandhi in the year 1869. The advertisement is on yellow paper, which once may have been white and shows a very dignified house lady in a very British attire standing beside the machine, turning the handle. The machine itself is just a huge barrel with a kind of device looking like a sewing machine attached to the top. The tagline states ‘Celebrated Home Washer’ because in those days there never existed multiple companies manufacturing a single product and even if there did, there was always one who enjoyed the monopoly and the company that released this ad was one of them. Now if we see the date this ad was released we can deduce that before this there existed no such pre cursor for the benefit of woman and house ladies doing laundry.

This advertisement when compared to the second advertisement released by Bendix shows a complete transformation and evolution of the washing machine in over ninety years. The latter of the two advertisements shows and depicts a picture of the machine closer home because the shape, the size and even the look of it is similar and somewhat exactly the same to the modern day machine we use at home or in the Laundromat.

Researching these advertisements on washing machines makes me appreciate the ones we have in our dorm because before the first washing machine in the 1860’s I don’t think there existed such a device and my efforts would have been multiplied to no limit. As it has happened with all gadgets and machines, with time they have evolved into something that has made the daily lives of the human race easier than ever before. Washing machines being such an integral part of every household has caused the competition to grow leading to more and more commercial advertisements over the years.

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